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Professional Lifeguard Service in Dallas

Sunsational Swim provides Red Cross certified, highly experienced and fully insured Lifeguards for pool parties , special events, HOA's and community associations throughout the Dallas metro area.

Sunsational Swim Lifeguards will arrive at your location fully equipped with a professional lifeguard uniform, rescue float, whistle, and a first aid kit. Lifeguards assure the safety of all swimmers at your location and bring peace of mind to event organizers and guests alike.

While there may be plenty of adult supervision at your event, a simple distraction can break down that line of defense.

Ensure the safety of the guests at your home or event location and hire a private lifeguard in Dallas for your event today!

Know the facts!

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. among children under 14 and the leading cause of accidental death for children five and under.

Of all preschoolers who drown, 70% are in the care of one or both parents at the time and 75% are missing from sight for five minutes or less.

Lifeguard Minimum Qualifications

  • Red Cross Lifeguard certification
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Reliable & Background Checked
  • Passion for protecting the safety of swimmers
  • Liability Insured through our company policy

** Our Lifeguards our liability insured through our companies $2,000,000 business liability insurance for lifeguarding services.

To book a Lifeguard: Call us or book a lifeguard online today to reserve your lifeguard and protect your event guests!

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WHY CHOOSE Sunsational Swim School

The party was great and Dallas was fantastic. She asked all the kids their names as they came in and seemed to remember them all and interacted with them during the party. One little girl even seemed enamored of Dallas and shadowed her the whole party. The parents were all thrilled she was there and they could relax. She mentioned that she's moving out of the area or I'd definitely use her again. Thanks


Josh was a wonderful lifeguard! He was very professional and focused. I had many guests comment at his vigilance with the children. I would absolutely use your services for our next pool party and specifically request Josh. Please let him know how much we appreciated his assistance. Thank you! Sincerely,


Hannah was awesome! Having her here made the party so much more enjoyable for my husband and I. Thanks you!

Kim P

It went really well. Thanks very much for getting Liz to help us! We look forward to using your service again in the future. Regards,

-Mariana and Mike

Hi Sarah! Jessica is a dream! We feel so grateful to have randomly received her as our swimming teacher; I cannot express to you what a fantastic teacher she is to my three children. I hope this helps. Thank you so much

- Ginger

Katie is doing a great job with Cole! Love her! Already exceeded our expectations! She is so nice, positive and very professional!


We absolutely love Jennifer - she is an awesome teacher. Only 3 classes later our daughter dropped her floaties and can swim on her own. Sure enough we are not done yet, but the progress we have seen so far is remarkable. Best,


Jim was GREAT!!! Julio loved him and really warmed up to him. Will be in touch for future lessons!

Angi Barrera

Everything is going wonderful. Malerie is an awesome swim instructor. She is great with my boys. My boys love her, especially my 5 year old. My oldest is learning how to strengthen his swimming skills, while my 5 year old is learning to swim for the first time. He went from not knowing how to swim, to jumping in and swimming to the steps on his own. I am grateful we were blessed with Malerie, as she is professional, yet wears a smile. We thoroughly enjoy Malerie and she is doing an excellent job. Thank you,

Jane Morris

Everything is going FABULOUS! We love Matt!!!! My son bonded with him on his first lesson. Matt has incredible techniques that work perfect for Slater's advancement in the water. Thank you,

Shere' & Slater McKim

The lessons have been great and I am glad to have got Meagan as my instructor. She is very calm nice and accomodating and she was able to exactly tell me what I was doing right and wrong....tha really helped me a lot. Whenever I plan to take additional lessons there is no doubt its going to be thru Meagan and u guys. Very glad I chose Sunsational and Meagan. For me at least I would rate her 5 on 5..... Cheers


I think Kathy was wonderful we were all very impressed and very satisfied with the professionalism and patients she had with our children. My daughter knows the basics and can swim across the pool she is only 3yrs I would defiantly recommend Kathy and will be using her in the future. Thank you sunsational swim,

Brenda Case

Karri was wonderful and the kids missed her. Last Thurs. was our last lesson. My oldest (5 yrs.) is already doing a little bit of everything. Besides the basic freestyle movements, she can do breast strokes with frog kicks, a bit of treading, and even backstrokes. She's at the beginning phase of everything, but it's a huge stride given that she's only had 8 lessons. Prior to this, she's never gotten into the pool without floaties. My younger (3 yrs.) was the same and can now jump in the pool without fear (scary for us!) and then attempts to swim to safety. He is not afraid to make a "dive" to grab his goggles from the bottom of the pool (all this with help, of course). He can do a little bit of backstrokes with our help. Prior to this, he barely tolerated swimming with floaties let alone attempting to do all these movements. Thanks again!


Hallie was wonderful - always on time, very good with the young boys, very professional. I would certainly recommend her to others. The children looked forward to being with her. A plus in my book!

Charlotte Leamy

Swim lessons with Jared were fantastic. He was professional and was a very effective teacher (patient, kind, motivating). Kai really liked him, and he has made such great progress in the water. Thank you for all of your help, and I will let you know if we want any future lessons. Best,


Thanks for following up Andrea. Marci was GREAT! My daughter even told me she wants to be a swim teacher when she "gets big."

Tiffany Jannae McKelvin

Thank you for your follow up. I have been very happy with our swim instructor, Kelly. She has been extremely patient with Logan who has cried and demanded not to go under the water. She makes it fun for him and at the same time is very firm with him.


hello, my name is October Gonzalez and my daughter Malia and i were lucky enough to have Ms. Yolanda as her swim instructor. My daughter could not wait for her swim lessons each week and learned so much from Ms. Yolanda. we would recommend her anytime! Thanks Ms. Yo for a great experience!

-The Gonzalez's

We have been extremely pleased with Hayley. She is a very good instructor and my son really likes her. He has already started to swim a little on his own.

- Lena Slazyk

Cathy was timely, very friendly, and is doing a great job with my son. Thank you,


Thanks Andrea, it was great!! Matt and Gabbie did a great job, very professional, yet the kids loved them. I will definately recommend your company (and the lifeguards) to my friends. Thanks,

Marybeth Eckhardt

Kelly has been great with the kids. She is on-time, patient, and very competent as a swim instructor. We're looking forward to our next three lessons. Thanks!


Gabbie is a wonderful instructor and she's great with the kids. My kids have definitely improved. We're grateful for having her as an instructor. The kids love her.


Lucas is awesome. Every day the 6 children are excited for another swim lesson. The 8 year old is now officially swimming. The 3 five year olds and 2 three years olds are paddling all around with great confidence. Three moms, grandma and the kids all love Lucas. They went great!!!

Things went great with swim lessons! Gretta did great by the end of it all. Michelle was fantastic and very professional. Thank you,

Katie McCutcheon

The swim lessons with Leore have been going well. Daniel responds well to her and she is really nice and patient. Thank you for checking up.

Heidi Torres

Going very well Andrea. We are glad you sent Hannah, she's a great teacher. Thanks


The party was great and Dallas was fantastic. She asked all the kids their names as they came in and seemed to remember them all and interacted with them during the party. One little girl even seemed enamored of Dallas and shadowed her the whole party. The parents were all thrilled she was there and they could relax. She mentioned that she's moving out of the area or I'd definitely use her again. Thanks


I have not been able to attend any lessons as I work full-time but I've got a lot of great feedback from my nanny Becky. She is very impressed with Kelly compared to the 2 other teachers we have had previous years. She is very good at explaining and teaching both Jules and Seraphine while mixing learning and games. We are very pleased.


Hannah was awesome! Having her here made the party so much more enjoyable for my husband and I. Thanks you!

Kim Pike

Every lesson that Shannon provided was very productive and eagerly anticipated by our grandson. She introduced, motivated and enhanced his learning. It was a joy to behold and this week he is at a YMCA day camp, attending a local swim day with assurance and our confidence. Certainly if we have any need for swim lessons we would be happy to work with Shannon again; however, that may be a while since the only other two grandchildren we have are one and a half and the second one is due in August. We would be pleased to provide recommendations however, for this wonderful teacher.


My kids Love Gwen! And I think are getting very comfortable in the water. I really hope that they learn how to swim this summer since it's been one of my biggest fears. One of our close family friends 2 year old daughter fell in the water several weeks ago and was in the ICU for weeks. Thank God she's home, but there's going to be a long recovery ahead of her. I have been recommending your program to all my friends. I hope you receive more business from it!


Coryn is great!! Leia and Mason doing well. She has great patience with them and excellent strategies to help them along.


I am very happy with Kelly's patience with Logan. Logan has been very fearful and she has incorporate games to make it more fun for him. He's cried through several lessons and she did not lose her temper with a crying kid next to her. Logan is starting to trust her is beginning to put his face under the water.


Gabe and Grace are excited to go to swim lessons. I think Sue is great! The kids are doing very well! Thanks for the follow up!


Katelyn and Austin are doing really well. Sue is doing a fantastic job especially since one kid is 2 and the other is 22 months. Thank You for checking in.

Cindy Hicks

We're really pleased with both kIds' progress -- especially Sofia's. Katie is great with them, and she's always on time.

Thanks, Carolann

Kathy was absolutely great! She was very patient with our son and he swims like a little fish now! These were his first official swimming lessons and the last day he was swimming across the entire length of the pool doing a back stroke and then across again with regular breast stroke. He loves being in the water and is no longer afraid of getting his eyes wet. Thank you so much for such a great experience!


Thank you for checking in on us Andrea! The boys are doing good, they are at the point where they are trusting Calyn more every day, and we ae hoping to see some results by the end of next week. Cayln is really great! Enjoy your long weekend!


Justin is a terrific teacher and the lessons are going very well. Best regards,


Wonderfully, Jonathan is doing a great job with my son who is very afraid of swimming as well as helping my daughter perfect stroke technique!


Going great! My son is really having fun and is learning a ton. Sarah is great with him and we are really enjoying our experience. Thanks!

Kamy Goldfarb

It is going great!!!! She is a very good teacher and my daughter looks forward to seeing her every lesson she has


Going great! The kids seem a lot more comfortable in the water now. They really like Ashley.


Joe is great. He is punctual, patient and great with the kids.


So far everything is going very well. The girls are getting used to Danielle and are warming up to her. Starting to check off items on our swim school list which I think is really great. The stickers she gives out are really cool too!!. Thanks!


We have had 3 lessons so far and Sarah seems great. Ryan likes her and opened up to her right away. Thank you,

Raffy Hajjar

Everything is great! The kids love their teacher, Sue. Thanks!

Connie Davis

Things are going well. Josselyn is doing a good job with Eddie. She has a very calming voice and was able to build his trust quickly. He has had 4 lessons and I feel like she is getting better with him each time. He is a little afraid to put his head under water on demand so she is working with him on that. Thanks for checking in.