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Bring the swim school to your pool! Sunsational Swim School offers private swim lessons at-home in over 2,000 cities nationwide. Enter your zip code to search our serviced locations. Join the pool of our thousands of satisfied clients.

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Popular Swimming Lesson Programs

Your baby can begin to learn water safety skills—it’s never too early to start!
Our private classes can help your child achieve—and exceed—their swimming goals.
Our one-on-one lessons help your teen pickup the basics of swim with comfortable guidance.
Our lessons help even the most reluctant adults to conquer their fears.
Our trained private instructors can help students with autism, sensory challenges, ADHD, physical disabilities and more.
Our private swim lessons by expert coaches get advanced swimmers ready for competition, tests and triathlons & more.

Get Swim Lessons Near Me, In Any Pool Of Your Choice

Sunsational Swim School not only provides our students with tailored swim lessons for all ages, we can also hold those lessons wherever you want. Our swim instructors are able to deliver quality swimming lessons at housing community pool (including apartment, condos and HOA), hotel pools, country club pools, public pools, and even the pool in your own backyard!
We can offer swim lessons at your
Home pool
Housing community pool
Fitness center pool
City/public pool (if permitted)
Country Club
Hotel or resort make sides even
Any other pool you have access to!
HOA Pool (Condo, Apartment, etc)
What if you don't have a pool of your own, or you aren't sure where to access one?
Don't worry! A portion of our swim instructors have access to a pool, and when you register your interest as a student online we can try and match you with an instructor who has access to a pool. We'll do our best to make sure we find a match within your preferred schedule and location.

What makes our Swim instructor Sunsational

  • Thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Years of Experience
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Sunsational Certified
  • Patient, caring and love kids!

Top Benefits of Private Swim Lessons


Entertaining games and exciting activities are at the heart of Sunsational Swim Lessons, making the process of learning to swim as enjoyable as possible for learners of all ages. Each student receives a Sunsational Skill Chart and Certificate, which tracks their progress through the lessons and recognizes their accomplishments.


If you're looking for significant progress in a short amount of time, private swimming classes provide the personalized attention and consistency required. Our Learn-to-Swim Guarantee means that your child will be able to swim in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years.


No more driving across town or interrupting nap time to go to swim class! With private swimming classes, you choose the location-your own pool, public pool, etc.-the day(s) of the week, and the time. Our instructors come to you!


private lessons are inherently flexible, allowing your child to learn to swim at his own pace. Ready to move quickly to the next lesson? Need to slow down and work on an area of weakness? No problem!


It's widely known that students learn better with smaller class sizes. In group lessons, your child receives much less attention as the instructor has to divide her time among many children in the class. The result? Your child gets very little direct instruction and may need many months of lessons to make any measurable progress. Private swimming classes actually save you money by helping your child progress much more quickly than he would during typical group lessons.


Learning is fun, fast, and focused during private swim lessons. Your child will have the instructor's undivided attention and fewer distractions than lessons at a public school.