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Sunsational Swim School is the premier provider of at-home, private adult swimming lessons in America. Whether you're an adult beginner dipping your toe into the pool for the first time, working to overcome a fear of water, or are seeking advanced swim training to complete the 1500 meter swimming split of a triathlon, we’ll be with you every stroke of the way to get you to your goals!

Our swimming instructors for adults specialize in one-on-one lessons, personalizing each swim lesson to meet your specific needs. Best of all, Sunsational Swim School brings the expertise of our adult swim instructors right to your door, so you can learn to swim in the comfort and privacy of your backyard or community pool!
Quick Results
Our adult swim students generally learn to swim within just 6 to 12 swim lessons
Built in Convenience
Sunsational swim instructors travel to you & work around your schedule
Top Instructors
All Sunsational instructors are CPR/First Aid certified w/ minimum 2 years experience teaching adult lessons
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Get to your victory lap faster with a dedicated, specialized Sunsational swim instructor

At Sunsational Swim School, we personally match you with a qualified swim instructor based on your specific needs and availability. You choose the location--your own pool, public pool, etc.--the day(s) of the week, and let us know your goals. Then, our full-time matching team does the selective screening for you, using their expertise to match you with a Sunsational swim instructor who’s best suited to help you reach your goals and can teach within your availability.

Your dedicated swim instructor will see you through your swim lesson plan from start to finish. With one-on-one help from your seasoned Sunsational swim teacher, your learning is fun, fast and focused. In fact, most of our adult students learn to swim within just 6 to 12 private lessons!

Our Adult Swim Lessons Use a Progressive Method Everyone Benefits From
Our swim programs and unique teaching models have been used to help thousands of adults learn how to swim and overcome their fear of water. Our warm and friendly swim instructors have experience working with adults of all levels, and can help breakdown the complexity of swimming into comfortable steps.

Our Private Adult Swim Lessons can teach you to

Swim with face under and proper breath control
Perform basic water safety skills
Swim laps for fitness
Improve your stroke technique
Feel comfortable swimming in the ocean or open water and surfing!
Swim all 4 competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke and freestyle
Swim faster and more efficiently for a triathlon

You're Never Too Old To Learn

Learning how to swim is an accomplishment at any age. That's why Sunsational Swim School instructors teach by one common motto: You're Never Too Old to Learn. Though if you've felt like that, you're certainly not the only one. In fact, nearly half of all adult Americans are afraid of the deep end of the pool and nearly 37% don't know how to swim at all. Our private swimming classes for adults are based on a personalized program and the perfect start point for adults of all ages. Your Sunsational private swim teacher will work hard to help you meet your goals. With our help you can gain basic swimming skills in a relatively short amount of time, giving you a critical human skill, as well as a great deal of enjoyment.
Our swim programs and unique teaching models have been used to help thousands of adults learn how to swim and overcome their fear of water. Our warm and friendly swim instructors have experience working with adults of all levels, and can help breakdown the complexity of swimming into comfortable steps.

Adult Beginner Adult Intermediate
  • Getting comfortable in the water
  • Water safety/survival techniques
  • Introduction to treading water techniques
  • Proper floating, kicking, breathing and underwater submersion techniques
  • Front crawl / freestyle swim stroke
  • Breaststroke, backstroke swimming techniques
  • Rotary breathing
  • Endurance building
  • Mechanical stroke refinement on established swim strokes
Adult Advanced Specialized Training: Triathlons and Fitness
  • Application of advanced stroke techniques for improved efficiency and speed
  • Butterfly arm and kick coordination, flip turns, and diving
  • Speed, endurance and stamina
  • Endurance based interval training for long distance and military swim tests
  • Swim training for swimmers participating in triathlons
  • Water aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness).
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Changing Perceptions About Adult Swimming Lessons

One of the most common misconceptions about adult swimming classes is that everyone knows how to swim, and that teaching yourself is simple. This is a dangerous assumption, as swimming is not a natural instinct. Another common misconception is that swimming lessons are only for children. Wrong! Swimming lessons can be done by people of all ages, and taking adult swimming lessons is the only way to properly master the art of swimming in adulthood.
Why Consider Private Swimming Lessons for Adults?
A private adult swim lesson is very different from a public or group lesson. The instructor is able to focus all of their energy and expertise on just one student, and students advance much faster with dedicated instruction.

Whether you're just beginning, or you haven't ever learned to swim, our swim instructors can help. They can also provide private swimming lessons for adults who have a fear of water, or who have suffered with a near drowning or traumatic water experience.

Beyond the basics, the team at Sunsational Swim School can also help adults who are competent swimmers. Our adult swimming lessons can also assist individuals training for a triathlon, or who want to learn better stroke technique.
I've been scared of water over my head my whole life and was very nervous but ready to take swim lessons as an adult. After just 6 lessons I went from being totally terrified in the deep end of my pool to being comfortable and being able to swim and tread water.
Annette T. Gilbert, AZ
May 6, 2017
I had an extreme fear of water and I never thought I would be able to get into water ever. But all thanks to my instructor Sandra B. She helped me overcome my fear of water and she was very patient with me, always punctual and her way of teaching made me feel very comfortable. Now I am very comfortable to get into water and swim without help in just 8 classes!
Himani S. Torrence, CA
Aug 3, 2017
Swim lessons was my gift to myself this summer... I really wanted to learn to swim so I could have fun in the pool, go kayaking (safely), and do more fun water activities, and thanks to Ashley, I can :) I couldn't even put my face in the water without holding my nose before I took classes (silly, but true) and now I can swim!
Samantha S. Los Angeles, CA
Apr 19, 2017
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Private Adult Swim Lessons Are Great For

Adults in all Swimming Levels
Fear of Water or Aquaphobia
Adults with Neaer Drowning/Traumatic Experiences
Training for a Triathlon
Learning Stroke Technique
Training for a Swim Test (Military, school, etc)

Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons with Sunsational


If you want to learn to swim and you're afraid or embarassed that you cannot, the Sunsational Swim School's private swimming lessons for adults can help you develop strong set of basic swim skills quickly


The great thing about the Sunsational Swim School instructors is that they're really there for you, both in terms of education and location. Our adult swimming lessons can take place at your community pool or even in your own home swimming pool.


The best thing about our private adult swim lessons is that we can totally tailor the course to suit you, your needs and your swimming background. This means we can create a learning environment where progressing is easy and fast


Fitting in private adult swim lessons is often a challenge. But with Sunsational you can choose a time slot for adult swimming lessons that fits with your own schedule, and book several lessons in advance at the same time.


From the first splash to the last dive, our private swim lessons for adults give you the chance to move through all the skill levels in an encouraging and safe environment.


One of the smartest reasons to choose Sunsational Swim School is because we only take the best instructors. Our business has a quality screening process that requires all our instructors to have CPR/First Aid, years of experience, background checks and, of course, a teaching style that you'll love.

How Private Swim Lessons Help Adults Overcome Their Fear of Water

If you're nervous around pools, lakes and oceans, you're far from alone. Nearly half of American adults are afraid of deep bodies of water, a Chapman University study revealed. And if that fear has held you back from learning to swim, well, you're not alone there either. One in five Americans say they can't swim, according to the Red Cross -- but staying out of the water isn't always an option.

Until now, you may have handled your fear of water just by staying on dry land, missing out on a fun and healthy activity. But if a child in your care falls into the water, or if you're the only one around when someone is drowning, will you know what to do?

Sadly, more than 3,500 Americans die each year due to accidental drowning, so learning how to swim and how not to panic in the water may prove to be lifesaving. Group swim classes aren't always the right fit for adult learners, though. No matter your age or skill level, a private swim instructor can help you develop those lifesaving skills. The life you save may be your own!

How Private Lessons Help
Private swim coaching helps adult learners tackle all the obstacles that might have kept them out of the water in the past.
Obstacle: Fear
If you're afraid of the water, a private swim instructor will help you get comfortable at your own pace. That may mean spending some time on land, talking about what you can expect to experience in the water and how the instructor will keep you safe. Your instructor can even explain the properties of buoyancy and describe what happens when water gets into your nose or ears. You'll have the chance to name your specific fears, and your instructor can help you work through them.
Obstacle: Embarrassment
Not knowing how to swim isn't something you should be embarrassed about. After all, one in five American adults don't know how either! But if you feel self-conscious about the issue anyway, working with a private instructor is the perfect solution. He or she will come to you, so you can take your first strokes in the privacy of your own pool without an audience.
Obstacle: Starting From Scratch
In a group class, some of the students may have mastered certain skills already. You might feel nervous if you have no swimming experience, or if you learn more slowly than others. In private swim lessons, you're the one who sets the pace. Your instructor will meet you at your current level of ability and help you progress from there.
Obstacle: Physical Limitations
Whether you have a disability, normal aches and pains or a medical condition that affects the way you swim, a private swim instructor can tailor your sessions to suit your specific needs. You won't get that same level of accommodation in a group setting.
The Safety of Private Instruction
Those are just some of the advantages to learning to swim with a private instructor. There are others, too -- for example, you can organize sessions around your own schedule and minimize travel time by having the teacher come to you. But ultimately, developing the skills to keep yourself and others safe around water is the real benefit.

A private instructor will teach you exactly how to think and move in the water, even if an emergency happens. He or she will answer all your questions, watch you make every stroke and give specific feedback to help you improve. Not only will you learn the front crawl and butterfly, but you'll learn how to keep your cool and think clearly even when you're scared. That's lifesaving wisdom that you can't afford to be without.

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5 TIPS FORAdults TAKING Swimming Lessons

Although many people may try to discourage you, learning to swim is a skill that can be mastered at any age. However, the age you begin your lessons can have an impact on how you learn. Indeed, given that it is ideal for people to learn to swim during childhood, learning to swim as an adult can be quite an arduous task for some. Nevertheless, difficult is not impossible. That said, here are five tips for adults learning to swim.

Dealing With Past Trauma
Studies have shown that the reason many adults never learn how to swim is due to either a single incident or even multiple traumatic experiences as a child. Moreover, although these incidents may have occurred many moons ago, they can still have a crippling effect on your ability to learn to swim, among other things. Therefore, before learning to swim, it may behoove you to seek therapy in order to gain some perspective if you have experienced traumatic events in your lifetime.
Patience is Key
Moreover, while it has taken you many years to learn the skills you have developed throughout your life, it may also take some time to learn how to swim. While most of our students make significant progress within just 6 to 12 private swim lessons, don’t be discouraged if you are not learning as fast as you had hoped; sticking with it is the most crucial element to learning how to swim properly.
Discover Your Learning Style
There is no cookie-cutter method of teaching anyone anything. We all have different advantages and barriers to learning. Your Susnational swim teacher will work with you to learn your preferred learning style, whether you're more of a visual, aural or hands-on learner, and then be able to instruct you in the most efficient manner. For instance, those who learn better by watching might want to watch the instructor before trying the moves themselves. On the flip side, those who learn better by doing may just want the instructor to stay in the water with them the entire time.
Obstacle: Starting From Scratch
In a group class, some of the students may have mastered certain skills already. You might feel nervous if you have no swimming experience, or if you learn more slowly than others. In private swim lessons, you're the one who sets the pace. Your instructor will meet you at your current level of ability and help you progress from there.
Get Comfortable
Lastly, although it may seem minuscule, making sure you’re comfortable during your lessons is essential to being mentally and physically prepared to engage in the lesson. Be sure to purchase your favorite swimsuit, towel, goggles, etc., so you are fully prepared to take on each and every lesson.

Overall, there are plenty of things to be mindful of if you are an adult trying to learn to swim. In addition to making sure you have dealt with past traumas, and being patient with yourself and the process, it is also imperative not to allow yourself to be pushed beyond your limit and to be aware of your learning style before signing up for lessons. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable and confident with your chosen swimsuit as being insecure or embarrassed by your appearance can put a major damper on your ability to achieve success.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident in the quality of our swim instructors that we stand behind them with our Sunsational Instructor Guarantee! if your first lesson is anything less than sunsational, just let us know and we can either refund your unused lesson time or re-start your lesson package with a more suitable Instructor, your choice!

RecommendedLesson Times For Adult Students

After successfully teaching thousands of adult students how to swim, these are our recommended lesson times for you to get the most out of your swimming lessons, based on your skill level and goals:

Recommendations for Adult Students
13 - 99
Beginner - Expert
60 min
6 - 18

Beginner Adult Swim Students

Lesson length: 60 minutes Number of lessons: 6-18

For our beginner adult students, we generally recommend our 1 hour lesson times and our 6 or 12 pack of lessons. For beginner adult students with a strong fear of water, or our beginner adult students who are just looking to get comfortable and confident in the water, our 6 pack of 1 hour lessons is a great fit.

We recommend one-hour swimming lessons for adult beginners because it gives you enough time to ease into the water, get comfortable, warm up, and then begin formal training - all with your instructor there encouraging you along the way. Six, 1-hour lessons is a great start to get comfortable in the water and begin working on the basics. Our 12 pack of 1-hour lessons is a perfect fit for our adult beginners who'd like to get comfortable in the water and progress to higher level skills to become proficient in freestyle and other strokes.

Advanced Adult Swim Students

Lesson length: 60 minutes Number of lessons: 12-18

For our advanced adult students training for competition, a test, a triathlon or are just looking to improve their proficiency in the water, we recommend our 1 hour lesson times and our 12 or 18 pack of lessons. When it comes to advanced technique, training and repitition are key. The more practice you have with a skilled swim instructor the more refined your swimming technique will become. Better technique will improve your speed for no extra energy cost (or change in fitness). Better technique will help you draft faster swimmers and gain even more time. Better swimming technique can mean you have to work less hard to hold a position in a swimming pack and save energy for later in the race. Depending on your goals, whether you're training to pass an advanced swim test or for a triathlon, our 12 and 18 pack of lessons is a great fit.

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