Adult Swimming Lessons

Sunsational Swim School is one of the most trusted providers of private adult swimming lessons with swim instructors in most Major U.S. Cities. Learn to swim in the comfort and privacy of your own home pool or community pool with one-on-one help from an experienced & trained private swim instructor. We have helped thousands of adults over the years to learn to swim, and improve their strokes, no matter what their prior experiences with swimming.
You're Never Too Old to Learn
The Sunsational Swim School instructors teach by one common motto: You're Never Too Old to Learn. Our private swimming lessons for adults are the perfect start point for adults of all ages. With our help you can gain basic swimming skills in a relatively short amount of time, giving you a critical human skill, as well as a great deal of enjoyment.
Changing Perceptions about Swimming Lessons
One of the most common misconceptions about adult swimming lessons is that everyone knows how to swim, and that teaching yourself is simple. This is a dangerous assumption, as swimming is not a natural instinct. Another common misconception is that swimming lessons are only for children. Wrong! Swimming lessons can be done by people of all ages, and taking adult swimming lessons is the only way to properly master the art of swimming in adulthood.
Why Consider Private Swimming Lessons for Adults?
A private adult swim lesson is very different from a public or group lesson. The instructor is able to focus all of their energy and expertise on just one student, and students advance much faster with dedicated instruction.

Private swimming lessons are really suited to everyone. Whether you're just beginning, or you haven't ever learned to swim, our swim instructors can help. They can also provide private swimming lessons for adults who have a fear of water, or who have suffered with a near drowning or traumatic water experience.

Beyond the basics, the team at Sunsational Swim School can also help adults who are competent swimmers. Our adult swimming lessons can also assist individuals training for a triathlon, or who want to learn better stroke technique.

I've been scared of water over my head my whole life and was very nervous but ready to take swim lessons as an adult. After just 6 lessons I went from being totally terrified in the deep end of my pool to being comfortable and being able to swim and tread water.
Gilbert, AZ
I had an extreme fear of water and I never thought I would be able to get into water ever. But all thanks to my instructor Sandra B. She helped me overcome my fear of water and she was very patient with me, always punctual and her way of teaching made me feel very comfortable. Now I am very comfortable to get into water and swim without help in just 8 classes!
Torrence, CA
Swim lessons was my gift to myself this summer... I really wanted to learn to swim so I could have fun in the pool, go kayaking (safely), and do more fun water activities, and thanks to Ashley, I can :) I couldn't even put my face in the water without holding my nose before I took classes (silly, but true) and now I can swim!
Los Angeles, CA


60 minute private or semi-private lessons:

Learn to swim with one-on-one instruction in the comfort and privacy of your own pool with the help of a trained, experienced Sunsational swim instructor.
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Private Adult Swim Lessons Are Great For

Adults in all Swimming Levels
Fear of Water or Aquaphobia
Adults with Neaer Drowning/Traumatic Experiences
Training for a Triathlon
Learning Stroke Technique
Training for a Swim Test (Military, school, etc)

Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons with Sunsational


If you want to learn to swim and you're afraid or embarassed that you cannot, the Sunsational Swim School's private swimming lessons for adults can help you develop strong set of basic swim skills quickly


The great thing about the Sunsational Swim School instructors is that they're really there for you, both in terms of education and location. Our adult swimming lessons can take place at your community pool or even in your own home swimming pool.


The best thing about our private adult swim lessons is that we can totally tailor the course to suit you, your needs and your swimming background. This means we can create a learning environment where progressing is easy and fast


Fitting in private adult swim lessons is often a challenge. But with Sunsational you can choose a time slot for adult swimming lessons that fits with your own schedule, and book several lessons in advance at the same time.


From the first splash to the last dive, our private swim lessons for adults give you the chance to move through all the skill levels in an encouraging and safe environment.


One of the smartest reasons to choose Sunsational Swim School for your swim lessons is because we only take the best instructors. Our business has a quality screening process that requires all our instructors to have CPR/First Aid certification, years of experience, background checks and, of course, a teaching style that you'll love.

Our Private Swimming Lessons for Adults can teach you to

Swim with face under and proper breath control
Perform basic water safety skills
Swim laps for fitness
Improve your stroke technique
Feel comfortable swimming in the ocean or open water and surfing!
Swim all 4 competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke and freestyle
Swim faster and more efficiently for a triathlon

Sunsational Client Reviews

I must say I was skeptical about learning to swim as an adult granted I really wanted to learn but was scared to go through the learning process. Debby S. was amazing throughout the process and I'm glad to say that I have a new found confidence in water and can actually say I can swim now! I always use to avoid the deep end of pools and keep my head above water before these lessons and amazingly on my final swim lessons she had me jump into a 9 foot pool and swim across which I did without a problem. She never pushed me to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with and went at my pace which was good. Would highly recommend Sunsational Swim School to anyone wanting to take that step in learning to swim. It's definitely never to late to learn and if I can learn then so can you! It's a great work out and always a good skill to have. :)
I am 44 and never learned to swim. I'm also a mother to a 2.5 year old who loves the water and has been swimming for over a year. I decided it was time I learned as well.When I found Sunsational online, I thought it was too good to be true. Private lessons and they come to you? No way! But, yes way! I was too excited and didn't give it a second thought before signing up. It has truly been one of the best gifts I could have ever given to myself.I've completed 10 of my 12 lessons and I'm extremely proud of my progress. I'm not winning any medals (like ever), but I'm comfortable in the water and feel I could actually be of help to my little one if the need were to ever arise.I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Erica de la O Ortega. She is extremely patient and personable and helped alleviate any fears I had almost immediately. She. Is. AWESOME!
I was looking for a private swim instructor because I am learning to swim late in life. I found sunsational swim school and my instructor was Betty a very patient, warm and fantastic instructor. Betty is a very good instructor ... I can swim now, free style, back stroke, and breast stroke. This is great for someone who didn't like to put their head under water. Granted I won't win any races, but she gave me the instruction and tools to be a competent swimmer now. I do recommend the company highly.
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