Private Swim Lessons in San Diego , CA

Combine a top-rated swim teacher in San Diego, personalized swim lessons, and the convenience of your backyard pool, and you get the best of all worlds. That’s exactly what Sunsational Swim School delivers.

San Diego is all about the water. The U.S. Navy certainly appreciates the deep-water harbor, and tourists flock to the city for its renowned summer weather. Sure, the June gloom can sock in the beaches, but swimming, surfing, and sailing are a huge part of the San Diego way of life.

That’s why infants, toddlers, children and adults alike need to know how to swim. And that’s precisely why Sunsational makes it easy to book San Diego swim lessons. Our mission is to deliver private swim lessons in San Diego that fit your busy lifestyle. Just complete our quick registration form and let Sunsational do the rest. We come to you when and where you want.

Sunsational swim instructors in San Diego develop tailored lesson plans for each student. Whether the student is a beginner who is hesitant to get in the water or a triathlete who wants to work on their stroke, Sunsational students achieve results. We’re so sure of our track record of success that we offer a Sunsational Instructor Guarantee and a Learn-to-Swim Guarantee.

When you choose private swimming lessons in San Diego, you gain countless advantages. You don’t have to fight traffic on I-5. You don’t have to interrupt your day. You don’t have to ferry kids back and forth for a half-hour group swim lesson at different times and with little personalized attention.

But you can schedule lessons back-to-back for multiple kids. You can schedule your toddler in the morning and your school-age kid in the evening. You can do what you need to do while your swim teacher in San Diego focuses on your child and provides the one-on-one instruction that ensures progress.

There’s no time like the present. Book your San Diego swim lessons today!

Popular Swimming Lesson Programs

Your baby can begin to learn water safety skills—it’s never too early to start!
Our private classes can help your child achieve—and exceed—their swimming goals.
Our one-on-one lessons help your teen pickup the basics of swim with comfortable guidance.
Our lessons help even the most reluctant adults to conquer their fears.
Our trained private instructors can help students with autism, sensory challenges, ADHD, physical disabilities and more.
Our private swim lessons by expert coaches get advanced swimmers ready for competition, tests and triathlons & more.

Why are San Diego Swim Lessons so important?

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S among children under 14
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less
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Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons in San Diego

Water Safety is Our Priority

We understand that pools can be both a joy and a danger. That’s why we work to ensure that students learn water safety skills that will potentially enable them to get to the side of the pool following a fall.

Flexible Scheduling

We work with your timetable. Back-to-back lessons for siblings? No problem. Mornings for your infant and afternoons for your first-grader? Done. Alternate between your pool and your neighbors? That works, too.

Personalized Lesson Plans

Our instructors tailor lessons to meet the student’s needs. One-on-one attention means fewer distractions and more progress. Perfect for everyone from fearful students to lap swimmers.

Convenience of Your Pool

Your time is valuable. Your pool is convenient. When our Sunsational Swim instructors arrive at your door, you can go about your day. No waiting around. No traffic. Zero hassle.

How does Sunsational Swim Work

  • 1
    Register Online
    Tell us your needs so we can match you with the perfect Sunsational Instructor
  • 2
    Get Matched
    Shortly after registering we introduce you to your hand selected instructor who will contact you to schedule lessons
  • 3
    Get Started
    Dive in and begin reaching your swimming goals!

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
There are not enough good things I can say about Sunsational my son came out swimming perfectly and he is water safe and ready for technique. Ivanna Ames is the best teacher she was so patient and dedicated and made it so fun. I am going to continue with her for all my swim classes.- Fabiola C.
When our daughters swim school was canceled due to the pandemic we searched for private swim lessons. We were matched with Megan & got started right away. Our daughter adores Megan, she is kind, patient, skilled, and we are only 1/2 way through our package & we can already see major progress! We are SO happy with our choice to go with Sunsational Swim school!!
Amanda G on yelp
Tristan is an incredible swim teacher. I can say this easily as I have had several. He is the perfect combination of calm, encouraging and knowledgeable. He created a very comfortable atmosphere to learn and his enthusiasm and positivity where genuine. He is incredibly patient and that was definitely the reason I got to learn as much from him as I did. :)
Customer Review On yelp
We had a wonderful experience this month with James as our instructor for 3 kids, ages 6, 4, and 3. We booked the 12 lesson package with the Learn-to-Swim guarantee because our goal was to get them water safe by the end of the lessons. James was really great with all 3 kids and had them progressing by the time our lessons were over. My 4 year old went from "I'm not going to put my face in the water" on Day 1 to wearing her goggles, jumping into the water by herself, and swimming back to the wall sometime in the last 6 lessons! We were happy with the progress all 3 kids made and highly recommend James!
Customer Review On yelp
Our instructor was Kimberly and we absolutely loved her! Our 3 year old enjoyed his swim lessons and is super comfortable in the water, swimming and getting in and out the pool. Kimberly has a great approach for such group age and my son couldn't wait to swim with his friend Kim! I highly recommend Kimberly for your child's swim classes.
Customer Review On yelp
Our instructor was Kimberly and we absolutely loved her! Our 3 year old enjoyed his swim lessons and is super comfortable in the water, swimming and getting in and out the pool. Kimberly has a great approach for such group age and my son couldn't wait to swim with his friend Kim! I highly recommend Kimberly for your child's swim classes.
Customer Review On yelp
KIMBERLY D. has been a wonderful instructor to work with. She corresponds with me frequently, is easy to schedule lessons with, and, is always on time. We have had a few schedule changes and KIMBERLY has accommodated us very well. Kimberly is persistent, kind, patient, entertaining and a fabulous teacher. She is teaching our "19 month old" to be water safe, and, after 6 lessons the concept of holding onto the coping of the pool and moving sideways to the steps or climb out of the pool on her own is sinking in. Plus, I can't say enough about Sunsational Swim School, so easy to work with, great staff!!!!! Thank you Sunsational for sending us KIMBERLY!!!!! You truly are LIFE SAVER
Customer Review On yelp
This service, and our instructor Emily C. specifically, has been an absolute game changer for our 5yo son, Jack. After just a couple of lessons, Jack was totally comfortable floating by himself and treading water in the pool - a couple lessons after that and the kid is swimming from the shallow end to the deep end (30ft away) all by himself! His confidence is amazing to see and he now plays Marco Polo in the deep end with his older brother and joins the big boy diving games! We could not be happier with the Sunsational Swim School as well as Emily's fantastic attitude and instructor skills.

Customer Review On yelp
Alex is AMAZING! Within a week my son has become more confident in the water, willing to float on his back and put his face under water. After two weeks he is can hold his breath and swim under water with very little help. He also knows how to crab crawl along the edge of the pool and how to climb out all by himself at any point in the pool. Alex teaches pool safety first, then works on technique. She is exactly what we were looking for in a swim instructor!
Courtney N on yelp
Heydi is the best swimming instructor we've ever had. She has a keen understanding of the strokes and a great instinct of the building blocks of swimming. She is calm and encouraging and got my 11 year old interested again in swimming lessons. My seven year old skipped to the pool knowing she was coming! He loved his lessons with Heydi! And let's just say, that's not how it was at other swim schools. Thanks Heydi for putting the joy back into swimming for my children!
Customer Review On yelp

Private swim lessons vs. Group swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons Group Swim Lessons
30 Minutes 5 Minutes
AVG. # LESSONS TO BECOME A SWIMMER (3YRS+) 8-12 lessons 60+
AVERAGE TIME TO SWIM 2-4 weeks (3-4x week) 1-3 years
(12 private lessons)
(@ $80/month for 1x week)

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