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Swim Lessons Pricing:

Infant, toddler, child and adult swim lessons! Learn more and learn faster with private swim lessons at-home. Our swim lessons are available in packages of six, 12 and 18 swim lessons. The more you buy the more you save. Become a safer swimmer with more lessons.

At-Home Private Swim Lessons

12 Pack
30 Minute lessons
Recommended for
1 Swimmer (Age 6 months+)
Best Value
Price per lesson:
12 Pack
45 Minute lessons
Recommended for
1 Swimmer (Age 3 years and up)
Best Value
Price per lesson:
12 Pack
60 Minute lessons
Recommended for
1-2 Swimmers (split time back-to-back)
1 Swimmer (Age 8 years+)
Best Value
Price per lesson:
More Lesson Options

Other Fees

* Registration Fee (annual): $20 per student
* All pool entrance fees (if any) must be paid by customer when a third party pool is used for swim lessons
* A pool usage fee of $15 per hour will apply if using one of our contracted pools

Premium Areas

The following areas are considered premium and will incur an additional per lesson fee due to various factors such as greater travel time/distance, higher instructor pay rate, tolls/bridges, etc. (per visit not per student)
Atlanta: +$7 per lesson day
City of San Francisco: +$15 per lesson day
Houston: +$7 per lesson day
SF Bay Area (except City): +$7 per lesson day
Ventura County & Malibu: +$15 per lesson day
New York: +$25 per lesson day
New Jersey: +$7 per lesson day

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Why Choose Sunsational Swim School

Quickest Way To Learn To Swim

If you're looking for significant progress in a short amount of time, private swimming classes provide the personalized attention and consistency required. Our Learn-to-Swim Guarantee means that your child will be able to swim in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years.


Private swim lessons near me! No more driving across town or interrupting nap time to go to swim class! With Sunsational private swimming classes, you choose the location-your own pool, public pool, etc. Our instructors come to you!


Get swim lessons on the days and times you want. Our swim instructors operate 6am-8pm 7 days/week. Choose anytime that's convenient for you and your family.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About Sunsational Swim School

Before starting the swim lessons, my 2 year old twins hated getting their faces wet. Brianna Pollotta had them jumping into the pool on the 2nd swim lesson. They are now swimming across the pool and doing backfloats for over 2 minutes!

Erin B.
Best money I ever spent hands down! One-on-one is the way to go if your child cannot swim. My boy went from crying and throwing up in the pool to jupming in and doing a black float in less than half the lessons I signed up for.

D'Arcy B.
I am amazed with their progress after just 12 lessons and it was one of the best investments I ever made. I am now confident not only that my son can swim but if he were to fall into the water, I trust that hew ould come back up and make it out safely! That is priceless feeling!

Susan H.
Sunsational Swim School - Private Swim Lessons
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Over 60,000 students taught to swim and survive in and around the water since 2009!
Swim Lessons taken
Sunsational Swim Instructors
Cities Served

Swim Lessons Cost Comparison

Private swim lessons vs. Group swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons Group Swim Lessons
30 Minutes 5 Minutes
AVG. # LESSONS TO BECOME A SWIMMER (3YRS+) 8-12 lessons 60+
AVERAGE TIME TO SWIM 2-4 weeks (3-4x week) 1-3 years
(12 private lessons)
(@ $80/month for 1x week)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose My Swim Instructor?
At Sunsational we do the screening so you don't have to! We personally review your registration, goals and specific needs then hand-select a Sunsational swim instructor for you. Our fulltime matching team has worked with our swim teachers for years, so you can be sure their experienced selection will be a great fit for you. You can speak with your instructor after you are matched, and if you are not satisfied with your instructor after the first lesson, you may request a new instructor as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.
What's Your Learn To Swim Guarantee?
We guarantee that with the help of your talented Sunsational swim instructor, your student aged 3 years and older will be able to turn around, kick back and grab onto the wall after jumping into or being lightly dropped into the pool by your instructor. If your student can't complete this life-saving sequence after completing their learn to swim guaranteed package, we'll provide up to four free additional lessons until the student can.
Can I Register For Swim Lessons If I Don't Have A Pool?
Yes! If you don't have access to a pool of your own, you have the option to travel to a Sunsational swim instructor's pool within your selected driving radius. Alternatively, you can arrange to have your swim instructor meet you for your private swim lessons at any local public, rec or gym pool. All you'll need is the pool's address and permission for its use before registering.
Do Parents Need To Be At The Lessons? In the water?
We require that a guardian or parent be present at the property during swim lessons. For children under 2 years old, we recommend a parent/guardian is in the water for the first couple lessons for the child to adjust to their new private swim instructor and get the most benefit from their swim lessons. For children ages 2 years and older, we recommend the guardian/parent is not in the water during swim lessons so the student can fully focus on their swim instructor.

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