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Sunsational Private Swim Lessons Austin, TX

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Sunsational Swim School offers the highest-rated private swimming lessons in Austin, TX. Founded in 2009 by a caring educator and dedicated mom of 4, Sarah Sebe, our mission is to make learning to swim safe, fast, fun, and hassle-free!

We specialize in highly-effective, private at-home swim lessons for learners of all ages. Our certified and experienced private swim instructors travel to your home or community pool in Austin to teach your swim lessons on your schedule!

Our trusted brand reputation, dedicated founder, and high instructor standard set Sunsational apart. Our dedication to 5-star service and amazing swim instructors are what make Sunsational the highest-rated swim program in Austin and America!

Why Informed Families Choose Sunsational

Sunsational Private Swim Instructors Team Austin

Access to Amazing Swim Instructors

We have the most vetted team of swim instructors in America. Unlike other swim programs, we know each of our swim instructors from 1-on-1 interviews. We've built our reputation on providing only the best swim instructors since 2009. Our instructors are what make Sunsational Swim School the #1 in-demand private swim lessons in Austin.

Sunsational Private Swim Instructors in Austin Maintain the Highest Bar of Excellence:

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Minimum 2+ Yrs. Teaching Experience

cpr certificate

CPR/First Aid Certified

starred icon

Personally known and interviewed 1-on-1 by our in-house hiring team

verified instructor checklist

Vetted and passed National and Local background checks

insured instructors seal

Fully insured and covered under Sunsational Swim School's insurance policies

satisfaction guaranteed certificate

Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Personalized Swim Lesson Curriculum For All Ages

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Baby/Infant swim lessons

infant/baby swim lessons check

Toddler/Preschool swim lessons

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School Age/Jr/Teen swim lessons

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Adult swim lessons

We care about how you learn, what you learn, and how fast you learn. Get private swim lessons tailored to meet your needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner learning to swim, looking for lessons for your kid(s), or are a more advanced swimmer refining your technique, your curriculum will be crafted by your instructor to meet your skill level, learning style and pace. We have specialized instructors for every need and we'll match you with the right one. You'll see amazing results faster training with your Sunsational swim instructor than you will with other swim programs!

toddler showing off their swim skills after completed their learn to swim guaranteed package

Learn to Swim Guaranteed (Young Swimmers Ages 3 and Up!)

When you choose Sunsational, you choose the first swim school to offer a Learn to Swim Guarantee. Our guarantee states that within JUST 12 lessons, young swimmers ages 3 years and older will be able to turn around in the water, kick back to the nearest wall, and grab on to the edge after entering or being dropped in. This foundational skill set is proven to reduce the risk of child drowning by up to 88%! If your child cannot complete this guarantee by the end of their Learn to Swim Guaranteed package, we'll provide up to 4 free additional lessons until they can! If your child finds themselves unexpectedly in the water, our instructors train them to navigate from it safely!

custom lesson scheduling calendar

Truly Custom Scheduling

We know life in Austin is busy (our founder is a busy mom of 4 herself)! That's why we offer truly custom scheduling. We'll fit your swim lessons into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Sunrise sessions before school, lunchtime laps, or sunset swim after work? You tell us what's best for you and we'll make it work.

Schedule anytime between 6am - 8pm!

Available 7 days per week

students having swim lessons at home

The Swim Lessons At-Home Advantages

Beyond the conveneince of saving the time and hassle of commuting from lesson to lesson in Austin traffic, learning to swim at home has major advantages for both children and adults.

Advantages for Children

  • 87% of drownings happen at home pools—Children get to learn to swim and be safe where it matters most. Formal swim lessons are shown to reduce drowning risk by up to 88%!
  • Non-distracting surroundings
  • Familiar environment

Advantages for Adults

  • Privacy—Overcoming the vulnerability of learning a new skill, especially swimming, is easier without an audience
  • Comfortable environment—you're in familiar surroundings, reducing anxiety and making you more receptive to learning

How Sunsational Works

registration step 1 - register online or over the phone

Register Online

Submit a quick & easy registration. We'll review your details to match you with the perfect swim instructor!

registration step 2 - we'll personally pick an instructor for your lessons based on your needs, schedule and goals.

Get Matched

Shortly after registering, we introduce you to your hand-selected instructor who will contact you to schedule your lessons

registration step 3 - your hand-selected swim instructor will reach out to you to schedule lessons. Start your lessons!

Start Your Lessons

Dive in. Reach your swimming goals faster than you imagined with your Sunsational teacher!

Clients Love Our Private Swimming Lessons

sunsational private swim lesson star ratings 4.9/5

4.9 / 5.0

1,674+ Reviews

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Joey A

While we initially had issues with finding an instructor that was a good fit for our toddler, we did eventually find one. Sunsational was very helpful and worked with us to find a the right instructor. Abbie has been amazing. Our son really enjoys his lessons with her and has made great improvements. He is 16 months old and is kicking, going under water, and loving the water. Abbie is so kind and easy going. She doesn't force our son to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. She has been very flexible with scheduling and making changes. Even during our lessons if T is getting fussy, she understands and we end the lesson a few minutes or so early. I highly recommend this company for swim lessons. Thank you Abbie and Sunsational!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Lizette R

Our instructor Miss Shelley was amazing! She was so great with my son and his little cousin and before we knew it both of the kiddos were actually swimming across the pool - neither had done so before and were scared of putting their heads underwater until she showed up. She's amazing with kids and brings so much expertise to the pool. We will definitely sign up for more lessons with her next summer!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Anna F

I love Sunsational swim school after I had this amazing swim instructor named Elizabeth. She has taught My one year old so much in the past few weeks. It is amazing what my one year old can do now in the pool. I will be recommending her to my friends and family now In the Austin area.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Jason T

Abby is the absolute best! She took our two kids from zero to hero in 12 lessons. Threw our floaties and swim vests away after lesson 8. 10/10 recommend this program!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Cindy M

We love our instructor, Makenzie. She is so great with our kids and they are progressing very quickly. I would definitely recommend Sunsational Swim School to anyone that needs lessons for their kiddos.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Cindy M

We love our instructor, Makenzie. She is so great with our kids and they are progressing very quickly. I would definitely recommend Sunsational Swim School to anyone that needs lessons for their kiddos.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Cindy M

We love our instructor, Makenzie. She is so great with our kids and they are progressing very quickly. I would definitely recommend Sunsational Swim School to anyone that needs lessons for their kiddos.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Stephanie K

Thank you Sunsational! My daughter loved her swim lessons with Phylicia. She looked forward to her lesson each week and we saw so much progress after each lesson. She dives to the bottom of the pool, retrieves rings, swins across the pool and most importantly she confident and safe in the pool now.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Melissa M

Cole has been nothing short of amazing over the last 2 months. He is by far the best children's swim instructor we've seen - he keeps a fastpace, which keeps the kids interested and attentive. He's supportive, encouraging and has made outstanding progress with both of our kids. He took our 5 year old from being afraid to put her head under water in the first lesson to swimming free-style w/ side breath the length of the pool. And, he took our 2 year old from being deathly afraid of the pool to safely getting in and out the side of the pool on his own, 'monkey' scaling the side of the pool & blowing bubbles. We are most grateful for having had the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and kind instructor!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Melissa M

Cole has been nothing short of amazing over the last 2 months. He is by far the best children's swim instructor we've seen - he keeps a fastpace, which keeps the kids interested and attentive. He's supportive, encouraging and has made outstanding progress with both of our kids. He took our 5 year old from being afraid to put her head under water in the first lesson to swimming free-style w/ side breath the length of the pool. And, he took our 2 year old from being deathly afraid of the pool to safely getting in and out the side of the pool on his own, 'monkey' scaling the side of the pool & blowing bubbles. We are most grateful for having had the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and kind instructor!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy with your swim lessons after your first lesson, contact us and we'll restart your lesson package with another instructor or provide a refund, your choice!

Featured Swim Instructors In Austin

Our clients come to us for the best swim lessons, so we work with only the best swim instructors in Austin. Every Sunsational swim instructor is known by a member of our quality team from a 1-on-1 interview. All our private swim lesson instructors have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience, are CPR/First Aid certified, and pass national and local background checks. We screen for the best so you don't have to! Register today for your swim lessons and our expert matching team will you pair you with the best swim instructor for your goals.
Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Shelley W
Shelley W

I grew up on the coast of Texas. I began teaching private swimming lessons in high school in our backyard pool. This became my Summer job and has continued into adulthood. I am a swimmer and run a 1st Grade Swim program every Spring with the East Communities YMCA Project Safe Program. Water has played a large role in my life and my art, and I was even featured in a short news segment for my artwork:

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Celine A
Celine A

Hi, My name is Celine and I've been teaching swim lessons for 3 years from infants to adults. I have been a lifeguard/swim instructor at summer camps and the Boys and Girls Club. I am a state champion in 50-meter Breast Stroke and went to school at Dartmouth College where I earned a degree in Sociology and was the goalie for the Water Polo team. I have experience teaching autistic children to swim, and especially love helping children and adults overcome their water fears.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Ashley H
Ashley H

Hi, my name is Ashley and I’ve been teaching swim lessons for 5 years to toddlers through age 18. I’ve also worked with children for 2 years as a camp counselor and medical technician at a pediatric doctor's office. I went to Chowan University and earned a degree in biology in 2020. Currently, I am attending Concordia University for nursing. I love teaching swimming because I myself was a swimmer for 17 years.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor yuzek r
yuzek r

Hello! My name is Yuzek Rodriguez and I am currently a Doctoral student at UNTHSC to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I graduated with honors from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Kinesiology and a Spanish minor in 2021. I have experience teaching water skills to infants, toddlers and adults as well as individuals with special needs or physical disabilities. I was a lifeguard for 2 years and am now learning about aquatic therapy as a future clinician.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Matthew  B
Matthew B

Hi there! My name is Matthew Buchanan, and I have been working with and teaching all ages, and all needs, for over 5 years. I've worked with kids as a counselor, safety instructor, lifeguard, swim coach, and more. I went to Texas State University and earned a degree in Performance & Production in 2022. I love teaching swimming because I love helping people improve and learn incredible new things!

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Kyle S
Kyle S

Hey! I'm Kyle! I've worked with kids ages 3+ as well as adults. I have experience teaching everything from water safety to competitive strokes. I'm currently going to school at UT Austin to double major in Environmental Engineering and Plant Biology with a Business Spanish certificate. I love learning, but I also really love teaching. As a swim instructor I have loved teaching kids how to have fun in the water while growing them into a strong, safe swimmer.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Sydney S
Sydney S

Hi Sunsational swimmers! I’m Sydney, originally from Texas who's been teaching swim lessons for 8 years from ages 12 months to adults. I've also worked with children for numerous years as a lifeguard, swim instructor, nanny, babysitter, and assistant coach. I have a wide spectrum of experience teaching children who are afraid to get in the water to competitive swimmers who need stroke instruction. I think it's so important to build trust and encourage swimmers to reach their potential.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Rachel G
Rachel G

Hi, I am Rachel! I have worked as a swim instructor with children age 3 to adult for 4 years. I have been a swim instructor in numerous places such as Utexas and a sleep away camp. I have worked as a kindergarten Sunday school teacher and a counselor. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, I competed for both a club team and a high school team. I am studying engineering at UTexas. I love teaching swim lessons because it is incredible to see a kid afraid of the water, swim by themselves.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Hannah G
Hannah G

Hi! My name is Hannah Goldberg. I have 5 years of lifeguard and swim instructor experience with ages 3 to 13. I've also taught diving lessons, worked in a preschool, served as a camp counselor, and babysat! I was a competitive diver in high school, and have a love for the open ocean. I hope to empower your kiddos to love the water as much as I do and teach them valuable life skills, all while having fun.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Chad M
Chad M

Hi, my name is Chad Mylin and I have been involved with the sport of swimming for most of my life! I grew up in Orlando, Florida, and started swimming competitively at the age of 12. After high school, I continued my athletic career at Florida State University and received a degree in Sport Management. I currently am the volunteer assistant coach for the University of Texas Women's team. I am also a certified flight instructor and have experience as a substitute teacher.

Your Austin Private Swim Lesson Packages

Sunsational Is Niche Private Swim Lessons In Austin

Imagine joining a top swim club—that's Sunsational Swim School for you. High demand makes our private swim lessons in Austin niche because our instructors' schedules can fill quickly. Five-star customer service, friendly, professional staff, and excellent follow up puts us at the top of the list for clients looking for the best swimming lessons immediately. If you want to reach your swim goals with the help of a top instructor and enjoy the convenience of 5-star, at-home swimming lessons in Austin, choose Sunsational Swim School. Alleviate all your anxiety about finding the perfect swim lessons and choose the #1-rated swim program in America today, backed by 1,674+ reviews! Act now and before our availability is full to get Austin's best private swim lessons!

Our Swimming Lessons Framework

custom private swim lesson curriculum list


Each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals as a student. Whether lessons are for your beginner child learning basic water safety or a more advanced swimmer refining their technique, the curriculum adapts to their skill level and learning pace.

professional instructors certification


Instructors are carefully vetted and selected based on their qualifications, experience, and ability to connect with students of varying ages and abilities. They have proven, previous experience to deliver swim curriculum effectively.

customizable private swim lesson schedule calendar


For something as important as learning how to swim, scheduling shouldn't be an obstacle. Sunsational Swim School offers truly custom scheduling that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Schedule your private swim lessons any day of the week, between 6am-8pm.

private swim lesson safety buoy


Our program places a strong emphasis on safety, teaching students essential skills like floating, treading water, and basic rescue techniques. This focus is particularly emphasized in lessons for younger children.

learn to swim guarantee badge


For younger learners, Sunsational offers a guarantee that they will learn to swim with a learn to swim guaranteed package. This guarantee reflects our confidence in our methods and instructors.

swim lesson feedback form


Regular assessments and feedback are integral to our program, ensuring students and their families are aware of progress and areas needing improvement. Instructors provide updates and can adjust the curriculum as needed. Our office staff will regularly check in with you to see how your lessons are going.

at-home swim lesson


Conducting lessons in a home or community pool not only provides convenience but also helps students learn in a familiar environment, which can enhance the learning process and reduce anxiety.

inclusivity seal


Our private swim lessons are designed to cater to a wide range of students, including those with special needs, adults with water anxiety, or competitive swimmers seeking advanced coaching.

diverse swim lesson students


Recognizing that everyone learns differently, Sunsational private swim instructors adapt their teaching style to each student’s learning preferences, ensuring a more effective and enjoyable experience.

Helping Support Austin With Every Lesson

Choosing Sunsational Swim School in Austin goes beyond securing top-tier private swim lessons for yourself or your loved ones. It's a commitment to nurturing the local economy and creating job opportunities for some of Austin’s finest swim instructors. From the laid-back vibe of South Congress to the scenic views in Hill Country, our Austin-based swim instructors are ingrained in the community, ensuring each swim lesson they teach is infused with a friendly, local charm.

Austin has many lakes and rivers. They include the serene Lady Bird Lake and the bustling Barton Springs. They call residents and visitors to dive in. Sunsational Swim School’s expert instructors are here to empower you with the confidence to swim safely and enjoy the water to its fullest.

Safety remains a paramount concern, especially in a water-centric city like Austin. With drowning rates making it the leading cause of accidental death in young children nationwide, the importance of learning proper swim techniques can't be overstated. That’s why we’re not only about leisure but also about instilling vital water safety skills.

Embrace a swimming journey that is both fun and puts your mind a peace. When you book with Sunsational Swim School, you’re not just getting personalized, convenient swim lessons; you’re contributing to the prosperity of Austin. Proudly based in the US, we guarantee both your satisfaction and the continued growth of local economies.

Nearby Areas We Offer Private Swimming Lessons

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Popular Swim Lesson Locations

Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you teach?

We teach infants, children, teens, and adults. Our private swim lessons start from as young as 6 months old. There's no upper age limit for adults&we believe it's never too late to learn to swim!

How much do private swim lessons cost?

Our pricing is based on the package of lessons you choose. Prices vary depending on the number of lessons, the length of each session, and whether you opt for private or semi-private lessons. The more you buy, the more you save! Begin a registration to select your package and see a full, no-obligation quote.

Where do you teach swimming lessons?

Our swim instructors travel to your home or community pool to teach your lessons. We provide swimming lessons throught Austin and the surrounding areas. Enter your zip code to check if you're eligible to register for our private lessons.

When can I register? How?

We offer a rolling registration, allowing you to sign up and start lessons at any time that suits you. This flexibility helps accommodate busy schedules and seasonal preferences. Our website offers an easy registration process where you can specify your needs, goals, schedule, and any special requests. You can also call us to register over the phone at 1-888-788-2140 M-F 830am-5pm PST.

What is the Sunsational Learn to Swim Guarantee?

Our Learn to Swim Guarantee is a water safety skill set designed for young beginners. If your child were to jump or be lightly dropped into the water, our instructor teaches them to turn around, kick and grab the wall. Most kids are able to learn these skills - and more - within 12 private lessons, but if your child needs more time to meet this goal, we'll give each student up to 4 additional 30 minute lessons free. Here are the general requirements for more lessons: a) student is 3-17 years old b) student completes at least 12 private 30 minute lessons c) student has at least 3 lessons per week d) pool is minimum 82 degrees for all lessons e) student does not require special needs instruction or extreme fear counseling.