Where are you located?
We do not have locations, our Sunsational Instructors will travel directly to a pool of your choice (home pool, housing community, hotel, fitness center, public pool, etc.)
What areas do you service?
We service metro areas throughout the U.S. Please visit our areas we service page and enter your zip code in our map function to see if we service your area!
Lesson Information
Where is the best age to start?
Our philosophy is: the sooner the better, but it's never too late. Babies can begin lessons as early as six months of age. The majority of students who start at a very young age will master the water and be able to navigate pools on their own before they turn two. We have also found that children who begin lessons early benefit from advanced development, as they perform better academically and athletically because their brains have been exposed to more oxygen. An oxygen-nourished brain creates a stronger individual, mentally, and physically. Ages 2, 3, and 4 are fine ages to start, although sometimes children at this age experience more anxieties and emotional obstacles. As a child grows and becomes a teenager or an adult, they will often find that it is more of a struggle to learn to swim because of the mental hurdles they must overcome. However, an open mind and committment can often lead to great success.
Do you have a Learn to Swim guarantee?
Yes, we have a Learn to Swim Guaranteed Package of 12 private lessons. We guarantee that your child aged 3 or older will learn to swim by 12 private lessons or up to 4 free lessons will be given until our guarantee is met. "Swimming" is defined as being able to kick or kick & paddle with their face under the water, return to the wall after a jump or "fall" and climb out of the pool. To qualify for the guarantee the child must be 3 years or older and have no mental or physical disabilities.
Do you provide a Trial Lesson?
We do not offer a trial lesson, however we do offer clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If after your first swim lesson you're unsatisfied with your instructor we will refund your unused lessons or re-start your entire lesson package with another instructor, your choice. Please email us within 72 hours after your first lesson to request the 100% satisfaction guarantee.
What if my child doesn't like water on his/her face?
Keep in mind that our instructors have a lot of experience with children (and adults) who do not like water on their faces, this is a major component in learning to swim that (we believe) must be overcome. How do we aid this process? Exposure, exposure, exposure; followed by gentle coaxing and a lot of praise. We also request the help of parents in encouraging children to get their faces wet during bath time. Handing a child a dry towel or reaching to wipe their wet face will only prolong and enforce their phobia. If you act like a wet face is no big deal, they will learn to overcome their discomfort around water.
What if we do not like the Instructor?
If your instructor is not a perfect match for your family, please let us know and we will try and match you with an alternative instructor as soon as possible.
Why don't you offer group swim lessons for beginners?
It has been proven over and over that lower student to teacher ratio is the best situation for learning. Therefore, one student to one instructor is the optimal for learning. A private 30 minute lesson is 30 minutes with an instructor. A group lesson for a half hour with four student is about 7 minutes per student with the instructor. Private lessons are designed to get your child safe in the water. At Sunsational Swim we specialize in quick and effective learning through one-on-one lessons that are individually tailored to the student's learning style and developmental level.
Do we need our own pool for the lessons?
It is optimal if you have access to a home or housing community pool (HOA pool, condo pool, apartment pool, hotel or resort pool). However, we do have some instructors with access to pools. You can register with "No Pool" on the registration form and we will try and match you with the closest instructor with a pool who is available.
When will my child be a "safe" swimmer?
Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Babies and toddlers who have had positive water experiences early tend to develop faster because they do not develop a fear for the water. Keeping this in mind, the younger they get started, the sooner they will become safe and happy swimmers.

Learning to swim is not a skill that you can learn in just a few lessons, but requires time to develop and practice. We recommend beginners take 3 lessons per week for maximum skill retention and fast progression.
What are your swim lesson rates?
Please see our pricing page for our lesson rates in your area.
Can I pay with cash?
We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
When will I be charged for my lesson package?
Lesson packages are billed in full once your instructor who is available during your requested schedule is booked for your lesson request. Lessons are paid for in advance to ensure that we are able to book your entire lesson request with an available instructor who is able to set aside that time frame for you in their schedule. Our instructors are extremely busy during the peak swim season and lesson packages ensures they are able to accommodate a client for the duration of the lessons and help to give instructors a more predictable monthly schedule.

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