Swimming Lessons for Teens

Sunsational Swim School offers teen swim lessons for beginner, intermediate and competitive teenage students. If your older kid or teen does not know how to swim, then private lessons are not only a good idea, they are the absolute best option to help your teen or tween pick up the basics of an important life skill. Whether your child has a fear of water or just hasn’t had the chance to learn to swim, water safety is a skill that should not be delayed. The sooner that teen gets into the water with a private swim instructor, the better. Chances are always high that your child or teen will find himself in a situation where he needs to know how to swim (think pool party, birthday parties, water parks, lake trips, the beach, etc.). The need to know how to swim and prevent drowning is real and can have life or death consequences. Private swim lessons are the single best way to get your teen comfortable in and around water in a relatively short time.

Some teens may feel embarrassed about the fact that they don’t already know how to swim. I’ve seen this embarrassment be so acute that teens refuse to learn entirely. This is why private lessons can be so successful for non-swimmer teens: no peers, no audience, no one else in the pool except your teen and a qualified instructor.

Intermediate Swimming Lessons for Teens

For teens who already have a grasp of swimming basics, formal swimming lessons can provide a perfect way to go from a beginner swimmer to swim team-ready. Intermediate private lessons will usually include developing the mechanics of the various competitive strokes; freestyle (or front crawl), backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Learning these strokes can be tricky as they don’t necessarily feel intuitive. But, for a teen looking to join a swim team, a working knowledge of these strokes is a must. While a teen will get some instruction on how to do these swimming strokes from a swim team coach, private swim lesson instruction ensures that a swimmer has a strong grasp on proper stroke form. Intermediate lessons for teens can also include introductions to other competitive swim skills, such as diving, flip turns, breathing technique, treading water and underwater streamline work.

Advanced and Competitive Swimmers Benefit from Private Lessons Too

If your teen is already a competitive swimmer, private lessons are a great way to take your teen’s swimming to the next level. With a dedicated private instructor, your teen can focus on the areas where they need it most and get specialized attention to refining and developing technique. This can include working everything from hand pulls and kicks to nailing the rhythm or timing of a stroke. Specialized techniques like relay starts, backstroke starts, various diving skills, or different flip turn options can be explored, practiced, and refined. While the fitness aspect of swimming is best served in the yardage accomplished during swim team practices, your teen will not find any better stroke technique refinement than in a private lesson setting. But wherever a teen is in their swimming ability, there is a private lesson package to help them reach the next level.

"Teen lessons have always been my favorite to teach. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to teach teens at almost every level: beginners learning how to swim, teens enrolled in the GuardStart program, competitive swimmers on swim teams, and everything in between. Most of my work with teens has been with non-swimmer beginners looking to gain the fundamental basics of swimming. This has included teens who were terrified of water as well as teens who simply hadn’t yet had the opportunity to learn how to swim." - Briant Jacobs, Sunsational Private Swim Instructor

Swimming Lessons for a Teenager Near Me

Whatever swim level your teen is at, private lessons also have some additional benefits that go well beyond the pool. Other than learning a life skill or improving as a competitive athlete, swim lessons for teens offer myriad benefits such as confidence, self-esteem, strong work ethic, a sense of accomplishment to name a few. And let’s face it, teens are the demographic that need those benefits the most. Learning a new skill, or perfecting something you already know, teaches life skills that set teens up for success in other areas of their lives. The pool is a great low-stress place to learn them, while also having a fun time swimming. So whatever level your teen’s swim skills are currently at, there’s a Sunsational private swim instructor to meet their needs and teach the lessons at the comfort of your own home or community pool.

Why choose sunsational swim school for yourTeen Swim Lessons


Exciting activities are at the heart of Sunsational Swim Lessons, making the process of learning to swim as enjoyable as possible for learners of all ages. Each student receives a Sunsational Skill Chart and Certificate, which tracks their progress through the lessons and recognizes their accomplishments.


If you're looking for significant progress in a short amount of time, private swimming classes provide the personalized attention and consistency required. Our Learn-to-Swim Guarantee means that your child will be able to swim in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years.


Private swim lessons near me! No more driving across town or interrupting nap time to go to swim class! With private swimming classes, you choose the location-your own pool, public pool, etc.-the day(s) of the week, and the time. Our instructors come to you!


Private swim lessons are inherently flexible, allowing your child to learn to swim at his own pace. Ready to move quickly to the next lesson? Need to slow down and work on an area of weakness? No problem!


It's widely known that students learn better with smaller class sizes. In group lessons, you receive much less attention as the instructor has to divide her time among many students in the class. The result? You get very little direct instruction and may need many months of lessons to make any measurable progress. Private swimming lessons actually save you money by helping you progress much more quickly than you would during typical group lessons.


Learning is fun, fast, and focused during private swim lessons. You will have the instructor's undivided attention and fewer distractions than lessons at a public school.

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