Learn How to Swim Guaranteed!

At Sunsational Swim School, we're experts on helping people learn to swim, which is why we're confident enough to offer all of our young students a learn to swim guarantee.
What is Your Learn to Swim Guarantee?
Well it's pretty simple. We guarantee that with the help of our talented teachers, your child (aged three or older) will be able to swim without help back to the edge of the pool after their instructor drops them into the water by the time they have completed their guarantee to swim package (minimum of 12 private lessons at 3 lessons per week). If for some reasons they take a little longer to reach this goal, we'll give each student up to four more private lessons, 30 minutes each, at no additional cost until they can.
Why Does Sunsational Swim School Offer A Learn to Swim Gurantee?
As swim teachers, the team at Sunsational Swim School understand the threat that drowning represents to small children. In fact, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for young children in the United States. If your child can hold their breath, kick to the surface, and reach the edge of the pool unassisted they're 84% less likely to drown than kids who haven't learned these vital skills.
Private Swim Lessons Achieve Results
We believe that our private swim lessons are the best way to make sure that your child is safe both in and around water. Our Learn To Swim Guarantee applies to our private lessons, which are undertaken in a short space of time to maximize the learning momentum. In most cases we believe that three lessons per week allows your child to easily slip into a swimming 'state of mind' where foundation skills can be easily built upon with regular pracetice.

You might be asking, why should I choose private lessons over group lessons? Well, while private lessons may seem like a bigger investment at first, learning to swim in a group can take much longer. Usually they can only do one lesson a week, and during those lessons they will have very little one-on-one attention.
By comparison the Sunsational Swim School can guarantee swim lessons in a shorter time frame, making it cheaper for you in the long-term. That promise is protected by our Learn to Swim Guarantee.
Swimming in Just Weeks
Consistency and personal attention are a vital part of our swimming lessons, and what makes our Learn to Swim Gurantee so unique. When you register your child for our 12-lesson program, your little one could be swimming in just weeks. For parents who have spent years in the group lesson system this might seem hard to believe, but with the effective one-to-one learning that our private sessions entail, it's entirely possible.
Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children aged five and the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S among children under 14. Children who can hold the breath, kick up to the surface, and paddle to the poolside are 84% less likely to drown than kids who don't have these skills. A child can drown in mere seconds, and certainly no one would ever suggest that you leave your child unattended around water. Realistically, though, wouldn't it be better to have them know how to look after themselves in case of an accident? You wouldn't want something terrible to happen just because the person responsible for watching them got distracted for a few seconds.
Children are Taught the "Sunsational Safety Sequence"
Turn Around, Kick and Grab the Wall

Why is our Learn to Swim Guarantee so important?

Most children who drown, drown in their home swimming pools. National drowning statistics have found the following...
Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. among children under 14.
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present
75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less
Children who can hold their breath, kick up to the surface and paddle to poolside are 84% less likely to drown than kids who don't have these skills.
Swimming Lessons have been shown to
Reduce Drowning Risk by 88%!

Benefits of our Sunsational Learn to Swim Guarantee


We believe in making students safer swimmers in a quick time frame, which is why we get most of our students swimming in weeks, not summer after summer as with group lessons.


Our instructors love to make our swimming lessons the best fit for your child. This customization allows Sunsational Swim School to offer a friendly approach to help kids build foundations quickly while overcoming fears.


Sunsational Swim School’s private swim lessons offer a Learn To Swim Guarantee that promises you will see results in your child’s swimming ability in 12 lessons, or you’ll get up to four lessons for free.


Our instructors are happy to travel to a pool that is close to you, even one in your own backyard! That means no driving around to pools for lessons, and much more convenience for your busy family life.


Swimming is a great activity, but it can be dangerous. That’s why our instructors have a strong focus on foundation water safety skills in the lessons, teaching your children to be safe and competent swimmers in many situations.


We want to make sure our swim lessons fit around your schedule, which is why we offer flexibility in our lesson times to suit you, and allow back‐to‐back bookings for multiple students.


Swimming should be fun as well as educational. Our instructors are experts in making sure your children are having fun, never using fear tactics or pushing them out of their comfort zone.


Tens of thousands of first time swimmers have been taught to swim within our Learn to Swim Guarantee and are now safer in and around the water.

What makes our Swim instructor Sunsational

  • Thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Years of Experience
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Sunsational Certified
  • Patient, caring and love kids!

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
This was an absolutely amazing experience. Signing up was easy and effective. Our swim coach, Ms. Christina was amzing. My kids, three and five are both swimming like fish. This is my three year olds first time with an instructor and Ms. christina made it a pleasure. The kids stood waiting at the window for hours before the lesson because they were so excited.
Customer Review On
Great experience! Wouldn't use anyone else. We would recommend Sunsational Swim School to anyone! Our swim instructor Kari was always on time and great with our kids. Our 4 year old is swimming perfectly and will even dive in to get dive rings. Our 2 year old can back float and swim under the water to the steps to get himself out of the pool. We are very please, even amazed at what Kari taught our children in 12 swim lessons. Best $$$ we ever spent!
Customer Review On
My 4 yr old learned to swim as promised by this program. This was the best money spent for swim lessons. My son could not swim at the beginning of the program & was afraid to go off the steps of our pool. By the 4th session he was happily jumping in to Kara, his instructor, & kicking to her. He can now swim across our pool by himself & he loves swimming
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Frequently Asked  Questions

  • Do all students qualify for the Learn to Swim Guarantee?

    All babies, kids and individuals develop at their own pace. However, after teaching thousands of students of all ages and skill levels, Sunsational Swim School offers our Learn to Swim Guarantee to the majority of our students. General requirements to qualify for the learn to swim guarantee are: student age is 3 to 17 years old, student completes at least 12 private 30 minute lessons, scheduled at least 3 times per week, the pool is at least 82 degrees for each lesson, and the student does not require special needs or have extreme fear. If your student does not meet qualifications for Sunsational's Learn to Swim Guarantee, your instructor will still work with your student to meet the Learn to Swim Guarantee goals, but we cannot guarantee the student will be able to reach them within just 12 or 18 lessons. Ready to learn how to swim? Start your registration now!.

  • What skills does the Learn to Swim Guarantee include? Will my student be able to swim across the pool?

    Our Learn to Swim Guarantee is a water safety skillset designed for young beginners. If your student were to jump or be lightly dropped into the water, our instructor teaches them to turn around, safely resurface, kick back to and grab the wall. This swim safety skillset is proven to dramatically reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88% for children, giving peace of mind to parents. Most kids are able to learn these skills—and more—within just 12 private swimming lessons with one our certified, experienced and background-checked swim instructors.

  • What if my student cannot complete the Learn to Swim Guarantee after completing their Learn to Swim Guaranteed swim lesson package?

    Students who meet our Learn to Swim Guarantee requirements have over a 95% success rate in completing our guarantee. If your student is unable to complete the Sunsational Learn to Swim Guarantee after finishing their Learn to Swim Guaranteed package, we'll provide up to four more additional 30 minute private swimming lessons FREE until your student can. It's our goal to see your family become water safe!

  • Does Sunational teach Infant Self-Rescue “ISR” / survival swimming lessons?

    No. Sunsational Swim School’s infant swim lessons are based on a child-centered and caring approach that focuses on building trust and rapport with the instructor and wonderment and respect of the water. When designing your baby’s swim lesson plan, our instructors consider all aspects of the well-being of your baby, including physical and emotional. Your swim instructor will create a safe environment for your baby to learn water-safety skills that include back floating, roll over breathing, “swim-float-swim”, the monkey crawl, and what to do after a fall into the pool. All of these skills are taught in a way that’s both fun and educational, using games, repetition, and even songs, at a pace that’s healthy for your little one.

  • Do you offer a free trial swim lesson? What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    We do not offer a free, single trial lesson. However, all of our swimming lessons and swim instructors are covered under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee states if for any reason you are unhappy with your instructor after your first lesson, we will offer to restart your entire package with a new instructor or refund your lesson package purchase (less the cost of one lesson)—your choice!