Special Needs Swim Lessons

When you're raising a child with special needs, learning to swim represents yet another challenge, but one that must be overcome. That's why at Sunsational Swim School we're proud to offer special needs swim instructors and special needs swim lessons (including special swim lessons for autism, sensory challenges, ADHD, physical disabilities and other challenges).
We hope that with our help students can move past their personal obstacles to learn to swim, improve their confidence, better their fitness, and learn more about water safety.
All Autistic Children Should Learn to Swim
Children with autism are drawn into the water, and rates of drowning are very high. In fact 91% of all wandering deaths for autistic children are because of drowning. We want to change that with our swim lessons for autistic children. Autistic children see, feel and understand things in a different way, which makes teaching them to swim an entirely new challenge. However, our autism swimming instructors have experience with kids on the spectrum, and understand the best techniques to help your child learn to swim and be safe around the water. Of course every child with autism is different, but our instructors have a wide range of experience, and know how to use child-centered methods and flexible teaching to make the special needs swimming lessons work for you. Our talented special needs swim instructors can even provide visual supports, like visual skill cards, to help children on the spectrum to process and understand the swim skills before they practice them.
Water Is A Wonderful Addition
For many children with special needs, autism or otherwise, swimming can be a very therapeutic pastime. For autistic children water can be calming on sensory overloads, and in children with physical disabilities the water provides a weightless environment that is often very freeing. Special needs swim lessons unlock the benefits and enjoyment of water for those children, giving them a new lease on life.

We love bringing swimming to the lives of children with special needs, and Sunsational Swim School is always accepting grants from third party organizations to support the continuation of swim lessons for special needs students.
Visual supports, such as our visual skill cards, help autistic children process information and understand what they are asked to do.

We cater to Many Needs

The swim instructors for special needs at Sunsational Swim School are experienced in providing lessons to children with a range of unique needs including
Autism, Asperger's or related syndromes
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome
Sensory Integration Disorder
Physical difficulties
Sensory challenges
And Many Others

Why Are Swim Lessons for Special Needs Students So Important?

Drowning is the number one leading cause of death of children and adults with autism
It only takes 2 inches of water and the time to answer a phone call for a child to drown.
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
Drowning is Preventable! Swimming Lessons can Save Lives!

Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Special Needs students


Often it is simply a lack of water safety awareness that causes danger among children with special needs. Our special needs swim lessons educate kids on all aspects of water safety, and the skills they need to survive in a water environment.


Many children with special needs have problems with confidence, but successfully learning a new skill like swimming with the help of a special needs swim instructor can make all the difference.


Special needs children can really benefit the improvement of strength and fitness that comes with our swim lessons, making them healthier and more capable


Swimming is an activity that improves balance, coordination and range of motion, all things that many special needs children struggle with. Our talented special needs swim instructors can help your child to improve their skills in each area as they learn to swim.

Here is a sample of some of our Sunsational Swim Instructors who teach special needs students...

Special Needs Sunsational Swim Instructor
Kaylie K.
Orange County, CA
I began swimming competitvely when I was 6 and then water polo when I was 12. I love sharing my passion with other people and teaching water safety. I have had the chance to work with people of all ages ranging from infant to elderly, and a lot of experience with special needs children and adults. I have worked as a city employed instructor and for a club swim team in my area, teaching swim and coaching water polo. Safety and effectiveness are my top concerns!
Sunsational Swim Instructor
Talia L.
South Bay Area, CA
I am currently a swim coach and private instructor at Stanford. Prior to this, I had three years of teaching/coaching experience at my loal YMCA in Iowa where I worked with swimmers of all ages and abilities. I am especially trained to work with children who have special needs. In high school, I was a competitive varsity swimmer and runner. I love coaching and sharing my love of swimming with others.
Sunsational Swim Lessons Instructor
Melinda T.
Orlando, FL Area
I'm Melinda, and I love the water and teaching. I am a substitute teacher during the regular school year, working mostly with special needs children. I enjoy teaching anything requires gaining my student trust, listening and having a little fun! I've instructed students with autism, cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, fear issues and hearing impairments. In working with me, you'll find your of the water, learn whow to become a good swimmer and feel safe around the water.

What makes our Swim instructor Sunsational

  • Thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Years of Experience
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Sunsational Certified
  • Patient, caring and love kids!

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