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For all you San Diego—based parents wondering where to find baby swimming lessons or toddler swimming lessons near me, look no further than your own backyard. Sunsational Swim School offers private infant swimming lessons and mommy and me swim classes for babies and toddlers at your home or at a community pool in San Diego! With Sunsational Swim School, children as young as six months can begin to learn the life-saving swimming skills that matter most in an environment where they feel the most comfortable. While teaching techniques can vary greatly for infant swim classes for 6 month to 1 year olds, and toddler swim classes for 2 year olds and 3 year olds, it’s never too early to begin taking survival swim lessons. Let us match your family with the best instructor for your baby.

All our baby swimming school, and toddler swimming lesson instructors are prepared to give your little ones the self-rescue techniques they need to stay safe in the water. See your baby succeed in the gentle hands of a highly experienced Sunsational swim instructor in our San Diego located, private baby swim classes, or join your baby in the pool with our parent child swimming lessons. Introducing your baby or toddler to survival swim lessons at an early age will help them know how to react to being in the water and is an excellent start for developing an important, lifelong skill.

San Diego Infant Swimming Lessons - On Your Schedule

Sunsational Swim School makes it easy to fit baby or toddler swim lessons into your busy schedule. Our swim instructors are able to work around a schedule that fits your needs and bring the swim school to your home pool! Our at home infant swim lesson instructors in San Diego are available 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm. Pick any combination of days and times that work for you and your family and find that swim lessons with Sunsational are also the perfect convenience!

In The Hands Of Caring, Experienced Swim Teachers

There’s nothing more precious than your baby, and that’s why at Sunsational Swim School we only work with the best swim teachers in San Diego. All Sunsational private swimming lesson instructors have a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience, are CPR/First Aid certified, pass a national background check and a thorough vetting process before they are invited to join our network. Our extraordinary group of swim teachers is why we’re the #1 rated swim mobile swim school in America, the top choice for infant swim lessons in San Diego, and why you can be confident we’re the best choice for your baby.

An Exciting & Accelerated Learn To Swim Program

Our at-home baby swim classes are built on a gentle and caring foundation that our instructors have crafted over years of experience. Your child’s physical, social and emotional well-being are all a top priority in our baby swimming program. Sunsational teachers create a positive and engaging learning environment using songs, games and other fun activities to teach your baby important water-safety skills and establish a healthy association with the water! You’ll see your little bundle of joy make remarkable progress without sacrificing their wonder.

Parent & Me (Baby) Swim Lesson Groups

In San Diego, we also offer water babies classes in a group setting if you have your own group of friends, neighbors or Mom’s club members and a home, condo or homeowner’s association (HOA) pool. Learning can be extra fun when your baby is in a group parent and me swim class with their little friends!

Skills Taught in Sunsational Baby Swim Lessons San Diego

Baby Tadpole skills

Cue words to learn to hold breath underwater
Assisted back float
Assisted front float/submersion
Developing underwater comfort & water acclimation
Assisted Kicking
Introduction of Water Safety Skills (based on age)
Blowing bubbles
Assisted "monkey crawl" along pool wall

Baby Starfish skills

Unassisted backfloat
Underwater swim (person to person & to wall)
Assisted swim off side and turn to hold wall
"monkey crawl" holding the side of the pool wall
Reach for the side of the pool after submersion
Assisted roll to back float
Assisted climb out of pool

Baby Goldfish skills

Unassisted kicking underwater
Underwater turn to grab wall (near edge)
Roll to back float (less assistance)
Unassisted 15+ second back float
Assisted fall into water and roll to back float
Unassisted climb out of pool

Baby Jellyfish skills

Unassisted roll to back float
Drop in from pool edge, turn around and kick back to wall
Unasisted 30+ second back float
Unassisted roll to back float after fall in water

Water Safety Is Our Top Concern For Your Baby

Water safety is an important matter in any home, especially if you’re the parent or guardian of a wiggly baby or young child. Everything peaks their interests and they’re natural explorers. The pool and water are great discovery play zones, but they’re also the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5. This alarming fact was a spark in the creation of Sunsational Swim School, and it’s been our mission since 2009 to put an end to this tragic statistic. Swimming lessons don’t just give your baby a head start in their development, they also reduce their risk of drowning by up to 88%. Instilling confidence, increasing body awareness and spurring brain development are all just nice bonuses in comparison to their life-saving value in light of these facts:

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children under age 5 years old
65% of all preschooler-drowning incidents occur in the child’s home pool
33% of drownings occur at the homes of friends, neighbors or relatives
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present

Drowning is Preventable

Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged one to four years.

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
KIMBERLY D. has been a wonderful instructor to work with. She corresponds with me frequently, is easy to schedule lessons with, and, is always on time. We have had a few schedule changes and KIMBERLY has accommodated us very well. Kimberly is persistent, kind, patient, entertaining and a fabulous teacher. She is teaching our "19 month old" to be water safe, and, after 6 lessons the concept of holding onto the coping of the pool and moving sideways to the steps or climb out of the pool on her own is sinking in. Plus, I can't say enough about Sunsational Swim School, so easy to work with, great staff!!!!! Thank you Sunsational for sending us KIMBERLY!!!!! You truly are LIFE SAVER
Customer Review On yelp
Kimberly has been a wonderful instructor to my 3-year old son Logan! He loves getting in the water with her for his lessons and has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time. I believe one-on-one is the best way to teach a child to swim because you're not wasting time waiting on the progress of the other children. I will definitely request Kimberly beyond our initial 12-lesson package and plan to start lessons for my 1-year old daughter as well.
Customer Review On customer lobby
Our instructor Savannah is incredibly talented and amazing with my son. He is only 23 months and hasn't been in the water much. I don't know how she did it but within a few lessons he is blowing bubbles, totally comfortable submerging underwater and floating on his back. Savannah has been on time, easy to coordinate with, pleasant to be around. She knows her stuff. My son loves her and feels very safe under her instruction.
Customer Review On yelp
Amanda is a great instructor! My toddler nephew and my toddler son have had lessons with her and she is so kind, and patient, and she really invests her energy into these kids individually and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend Amanda for swim, and I hope every summer coming up we can keep her as our instructor.
Customer Review On yelp
So grateful for this school, especially our instructor, Charday. Our 7 month old baby absolutely loves her swim lessons and we are certain that they are so good for her in so many ways. Ask for Charday! She is so fun, calming, and professional. She is really upbeat and natural. She is extremely competent and kind.
Customer Review On yelp
Sophie is a wonderful instructor. I have twin 1 year old granddaughters that she is working with. Not an easy proposition but she's so patient. Highly recommend her and Sunsational.
Customer Review On yelp
Kailey was absolutely amazing! My 18 month old made good progress despite being stubborn! She was very sweet and did everything to make her comfortable and learn! Our two year old neighbor thrived during the lessons and every day would ask if today was a swim lesson day with Miss Kailey. Her skills by the end of the lessons had everyone impressed! Definitely recommend Kailey and excited to/hope to continue next summer with her!
Sarah L on yelp
Kailey was a great instructor to our Benjamin. We had lessons ahead of a family trip and it gave him the confidence we were hoping for to make all the pool and beaches we visited a fun and enjoyable experience. He is now almost fully able to swim by himself and just turned 3. We will continue with the lessons as Kailey makes it fun while encouraging the development we would expect from professional lessons. Thanks!
Customer Review On yelp
My two year old daughter had is just finishing up on a 12 session swim class with Miss Jaye. She was amazing to work with and really worked great with my daughter. She was always excited and inspiring at each phase that my baby was able to accomplish. She was flexible with our busy schedule and great in responding to my texts and calls. She was so good with Marlowe. She started with being able to barely get in the water to now monkey crawling along the pool and swimming in her floaties without fear! We love Miss Jaye!
Customer Review On yelp
Sunsational Swim connected me with Adana, who is an amazing swim instructor! Adana taught my daughter, Penny(5yo) to swim on her own in 6 lessons. My daughter had been doing weekly classes on and off for a couple of years and seemed to be close to swimming on her own for awhile, but couldn't quite get there. She was afraid to go underwater and to swim without her floaties. Adana is warm, kind, gentle and just firm enough. She was able to keep Penny on task and teach her to swim underwater on her own by building trust with Penny and making Penny feel safe with her.

Adana also taught my two year old, Parker, a bit of swimming. Parker has no fear of the water now and is able to go under the water for a quick dip with no hesitation. We are continuing lessons with him and are certain that he'll pick up swimming quickly, given his first introduction to swimming was guided by Adana.

I whole-heartedly recommend Adana to anyone looking to provide swim lessons to their children.
Customer Review On yelp

Why choose sunsational swim school for yourInfant Swim Lessons


When you have a baby swimming lesson with Sunsational you get to choose a lesson time that works for you. You can even book more than one study back to back, so all your kids can have lessons at the same time.


Sunsational has very strict rules for our instructors, and you can expect an airtight screening and qualification process (including working with children and background checks) that ensures every instructor is certified in CPR/First Aid and Water Safety Instruction.


Don’t worry about running your kids all over town to attend infant swimming lessons, because our instructors can come straight to your door. If you don’t have a pool, we can use your nearest community pool!


After years of offering swimming lessons for babies, we understand that the most important part about learning to swim is safety skills. Our instructors prioritize these skills with our students to make sure they’re safe in the water.

How does Sunsational Swim Work

Frequently Asked  Questions

  • Do I need to have a pool for Sunsational Swim School’s baby swim classes in San Diego?

    While we specialize in private, at-home infant swim classes in San Diego, you do not need to have a pool to register for our lessons. Our infant swim teachers near you can meet you at any pool of your choice. In some areas, we even have some swim instructors who can provide a pool for your lessons. To find out if we have instructors with pool access in your specific area, you can begin a registration here.

  • When is the best age to start baby swim lessons?

    Sunsational Swim School begins baby swimming lessons in San Diego for infants as young as 6 months old. Babies who have early exposure to swim lessons and the water are proven to have reduced anxieties and emotional obstacles learning how to swim. The water at this age is a familiar place as it’s similar to floating in the womb. We encourage families to start with a mommy and me swim lesson for babies or swimming lessons for 1 year olds.

  • How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

    Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Physical and emotional readiness, motor skills and willingness all play a role in the pace your baby learns. However, the most common and most influential factors in the student’s learning pace we find is repetition and consistency. We recommend our baby students take 3 lessons per week for maximum skill retention and fast progression. Most of our students make significant progress within 12 to 18 lessons in our baby swim classes.

  • Does Sunational teach Infant Self-Rescue “ISR” / survival swimming lessons?

    No. Sunsational Swim School’s infant swim lessons are based on a child-centered and caring approach that focuses on building trust and rapport with the instructor and wonderment and respect of the water. When designing your baby’s swim lesson plan, our instructors consider all aspects of the well-being of your baby, including physical and emotional. Your swim instructor will create a safe environment for your baby to learn water-safety skills that include back floating, roll over breathing, “swim-float-swim”, the monkey crawl, and what to do after a fall into the pool. All of these skills are taught in a way that’s both fun and educational, using games, repetition, and even songs, at a pace that’s healthy for your little one.

  • Can babies really swim?

    Yes. Swimming is not only defined as the four major swim strokes, but the ability to propel through the water. Your baby can learn how to use their little limbs, breathing and sense of direction to deliberately move from point a to b in the water, once they start walking. These skill sets are learned in a progressive manner and each child learns at a different pace. Our infant swim lesson teachers in San Diego are experienced in coaching your baby to learn these skills in a fun, encouraging, and accelerated way.

  • When does a parent have to be in the water?

    We require that a parent or guardian is in the water with infants under 12 months to ensure that they are more comfortable during the swim lesson. We also recommend a parent or guardian is in the water for the first few lessons for toddler swim lessons between 12-24 months.

  • What can I expect for my baby’s first swim class?

    Your swim instructor’s first lesson with your baby is all about establishing trust and rapport with your baby AND with YOU! Our infant swim instructors are specially experienced with introducing your baby to the water in a fun, encouraging approach. If for any reason after your first swim lesson you’re unsatisfied with your swim teacher, you can let us know and we’ll match you with a new swim teacher or issue a refund. It’s your choice under 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Our lessons help even the most reluctant adults to conquer their fears.
Our one-on-one lessons keep your student focused; our instructors make swimming easy and fun.

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