Private Swim Lessons in Bellflower , CA

Learning water safety skills is one of the best gifts you can give someone in Bellflower. At Sunsational Swim School, we make registering for swim lessons about as easy as it gets: enter your zip code, answer a few questions, and you?ll be on your way to getting matched with a Sunsational Swim teacher in Bellflower! Our swim instructors gladly meet you at your local fitness center, community pool, or even at your own home, saving you time and aggravation that you usually spend driving everywhere to get to swim lessons.

Because our learn to swim classes are taught one-on-one, we build momentum that provides remarkable progress in just a short time. Whether your swimmer is an infant, toddler, child, or even an adult, they will receive personalized instruction designed to meet their specific needs?no cookie-cutter swimming lessons that leave your swimmer hanging out by the side of the pool, learning nothing while the teacher works with other kids!

We?ve had such success with our swim lessons in Bellflower that we offer a Learn-to-Swim Guarantee package for students three and older: if your child can?t turn around and swim to the wall without help after the end of the lesson package, up to four more classes are on us!

Your time is important! Let Sunsational Swim School save you time, hassle, and yes, even money by bringing top-rated swim instructors to your Bellflower neighborhood?while you confidently relax, knowing that your swimmer will soon be safer in and around the water. Register today to start your swimming classes in Bellflower!
Private Swim Lessons for Babies
Your baby can begin to learn water safety skills—it’s never too early to start!
Private Swim Lessons for Kids
Our private classes can help your child achieve—and exceed—their swimming goals.
Private Swim Lessons for Adults
Our lessons help even the most reluctant adults to conquer their fears.
Private Swim Lessons for Special Needs
Our one-on-one lessons keep your toddler focused; our instructors make swimming easy and fun.

Why are Bellflower Swim Lessons so important?

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S among children under 14
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less
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Sunsational Swim Instructors
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Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons in Bellflower

Our Priority Is Water Safety

The majority of child drownings happen when they are unable to safely exit the water after a fall into the water. For this reason, our Bellflower swim lessons emphasize teaching kids to find the side of the pool, turn around, and swim to the side.

Scheduling at Your Convenience

Want to plan your infant?s lessons before lunchtime? Definitely! What about an evening session for a reluctant adult that?s always wanted to learn to swim? We can do that! The time of day that best fits your busy life is a great time for a Sunsational Swim lesson.

Lesson Plans Unique to You

Our teachers use gentle encouragement and a progressive approach to plan lessons to meet each swimmer?s unique needs and rapidly learn the skills needed to be safer in and around the water. We?ve seen such consistent results with our program that we offer a Learn-to-Swim Guarantee package for ages 3 and up (infant and toddler lessons excluded).

You Choose the Pool

Your life often feels like it?s on fast-forward, right? Who wants to drive across Bellflower in order to get to overfilled swimming lessons when a Sunsational Swim teacher can bring a private swim class to your home or favorite local pool?

Get The Most From Our Swim School With Water-Safety Tips & Special Offers

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How does Sunsational Swim Work

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    Register Online
    Tell us your needs so we can match you with the perfect Sunsational Instructor
  • 2
    Get Matched
    Shortly after registering we introduce you to your hand selected instructor who will contact you to schedule lessons
  • 3
    Get Started
    Dive in and begin reaching your swimming goals!

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
Sunsational Swim offers a great swim program. Our instructor Javier was amazing with my 3.5 yr old daughter! We have a pool at home so it was so convenient having Javier come to our home for the lessons. My daughter had just started somewhat swimming on her own when the lessons started, but when she started her lessons with Javier she progressed so fast! Javier had so much patience especially with a 3 yr old. He taught her water safety which I thought was so important. I'm so happy to say that she is definitely a strong lil swimmer which puts me at ease. She is able to swim to the bottom of the pool to get her swim toys, she's almost diving! This is by far the best money spent! Thank you Javier!
It's a full service with great flexibility! I had my lessons with Jakub, who is incredibly encouraging and helpful. He is very positive and also very good at meeting the student at their level. I was struggling with my breathing and feeling comfortable in the water. He gave me great exercises that really focused on just my breathing and as a result, it as helped me reduce my anxiety and increase my confidence in my swimming abilities. Highly recommend Sunsational Swim School!
Ms. Karina was great and very punctual. My 5-year-old was swimming across the pool by the end of six lessons and my three-year-old can go about half the pool length. Ms Karina is always patient and friendly. My child initially refused to put his face in the water. Ms Karina managed to get him to put his face in the water within one lesson.
Latye was the best! Thank you for giving the gift of swimming to my son! Latye was so patient and the lessons were tailored to my son's needs. We were surprised how quickly he developed as a swimmer. Having lessons 4-5 days a week for 3 weeks was just what we needed to solidly things for him. Highly recommend.
My daughter was swimming for months without much improvement elsewhere. I found Sunsational and they paired me with Elise S, and it has been a dream ever since. We added our daughters' ages 2 and 4 to swim with Elise and right away they were comfortable with her. My 2-year-old is a little difficult to work with, but Elise made her comfortable and implemented games to keep her entertained and interested. Both my girls were able to achieve more than the goal of water safety. My 4-year-old can swim the length of our pool and swim to the walls to safety. She also learned other skills to be safe if she's not able to get to the wall fast enough, such as floating on her back and treading. My 2-year-old is able to go underwater and tread to the wall to safety if needed. We are just so happy with the service and especially with Elise. Not only is she a great instructor, she also accommodated to our schedule and was so flexible when I needed to make last-minute changes. More importantly, she made my girls feel safe in the water with her and was a good teacher for them.
My 3 year old used to hate water in her face and often giving baths would lead to her crying. Nicole has been so kind and gentle with teaching her how to swim. Lila is more confident in the water now and she's learning that she can hold her breath in the water for longer. Nicole has made swimming fun, challenging, and has truly helped our daughter feel confident and happy with swimming. We will truly miss Nicole when the lessons are done! Nicole has been so easy to work with. She is so professional with being on time every time we have lessons. She is also good with rescheduling times for lessons. We are so glad Nicole is Lila's teacher! She has made this whole experience well worth it for us! We highly recommend her!
I just completed 6 sessions with Kevin. Last year he taught me how to float & swim freestyle . This year was learning to breathe properly while swimming & working on treading water . Kevin is an amazing instructor who is always patient & professional. I would recommend Sunsational to anyone who wants to learn how to swim . At 48 years old I learned how to swim & if I can learn , anyone can ! It's never too late !
This was well worth the investment! I've wanted to learn how to swim since I can remember but never really took the opportunity. Sunsational paired me up with an incredible instructor Shrenil who made the experience fun and challenging. Shenril got me swimming comfortably in less than 4 classes. I've never felt this comfortable in the water. Every day he introduces a new skill and build on it on every subsequent lesson. By the end of 12 lessons I was able to tread water comfortably, swim multiple laps across the pool and gained the confidence finally get over my fear of the water. Shenril really went out of his way to accommodate my schedule.

Great experience overall! Would highly recommend!
Ryan is amazing.!! Our son was taking lessons for about 7 months before and was making very little progress. We have a pool so its very important that he is water safe. Ryan had Grayson swimming in about 4 lessons. He wouldn't even put his face in the water or go under at the swim school we were going to before. We are very pleased with how fast and easy it has been with Ryan!
Shrenil was absolutely amazing with my son. He was tremendously patient, kind, and encouraging. If you're looking for someone who really knows what they're doing, request Shrenil. Truly! I know that results depend on the child and the instructor but I can't imagine any kid NOT doing really well under his guidance. Our family is so grateful. Our son is now a swimmer!
Also, Sunsational Swim School was awesome in general. From the moment we booked our classes till the end. They accommodated our busy schedule and paired us with an instructor quickly. I'd recommend them
Lenka is amazing! She is a wonderful instructor for adults and I can only imagine children as well. I knew learning to swim was going to be hard now that I'm in my 30's and I have a fear of water due to a childhood incident. But with Lenka's help, I have already learn to float and swim a few strokes and were only on lesson 8. After my 12 lessons, I intend to purchase more lessons so I can keep improving.
Javier was our instructor for our 2 grandchildren, ages 5 and 8. The 5 year old was not very comfortable putting her head under water or jumping into our pool. By her last lesson with Javier, she was going underwater and could jump into the pool. Our 8 year old was working on different strokes and also became much more confident with her swimming skills. Both girls loved having the lessons with Javier and improved their skills. We are looking forward to continuing the lessons with Javier so that they will be better next swim season.
We just completed swim lessons for my granddaughters, ages 8 and 5. Javier was their instructor and did an incredible job with them both. The younger granddaughter was very afraid of jumping even go underwater without floaties or hanging on to someone. When Javier finished with her final lesson, she was able to jump in and swim to the side of the pool and swim underwater. The older granddaughter excelled in her lessons with Javier and now is very confident swimming and jumping in our pool. Looking forward to having Javier continue with their lessons next spring and having the girls continue to improve their skills.
Our family enrolled Joshua (age 7) in private swim lessons with Sunsational. Jasmine was his instructor & we are thrilled with her teaching skills & how well Joshua did under her direction. Josh had never had swim lessons before & was nowhere near being "pool safe". By the end of 12 lessons he was able to swim the length of the pool while demonstrating the roll-over floating technique when necessary. We are more than impressed with his progress & highly recommend Jasmine for her patience, calmness, & teaching skills. Joshua loved her!
I found booking lessons with Sunsational Swim School really easy. I was assigned Tiffani as an instructor and could not have had a better experience. I am an adult who did not learn how to swim as a child. I had also had some bad experiences in the water and only grew more scared of the water as I got older. My husband tried teaching me how to swim and I also attended swim lessons for adult learners in the past. However, I was unable to learn until Tiffani came along. Tiffani pushed me out of my comfort zone but was so gentle and patient with me. After 12 lessons, I am happy to report that I can swim (even in the deep end) and am completely water safe! Tiffani changed my relationship with water and I am now happy to get in the water. In fact, my husband and I are planning a snorkeling trip in the near future which would have been impossible to consider before registering for swim lessons with Sunsational Swim School.
Our kids just completed 12 lessons with Clare and we are definitely happy we signed up with Sunsational. She clicked with our 2 kids immediately and they were super excited for every single lesson. Our youngest could barely stick his face underwater before the first lesson but by the end of our 12 lessons, he was canon-balling off the side of the pool and swimming back to the edge. We're looking forward to continuing with Clare next summer.
Fantastic Swim School. I've enjoyed my lessons with Amy so much. She is so skilled and personable and for this beginner adult swimmer has actually helped me ENJOY being in the water and getting comfortable in my ability. The sign-up process is super easy but most importantly, Amy is an incredible teacher.
Because he is currently in school to become a physician, makes me feel extra safe in regards to his life saving capabilities. Doesn't hurt too that he is also in good shape. Christian has been extremely patient and understanding of my water fears. For the first time in my entire life, I was able to touch the bottom of the deep end of the pool. He gives me homework through out the week until we have a session, which works out well for me to be able to hone my skills until a new skill can be acquired.He asks about how I learn and has been incorporating it into my lessons. We learn a skill, move on to the next one, and at the end we will put it all together. He is a true asset to your swim school!!
Lindsey was absolutely fantastic as a swim instructor for our grandson Jeffrey, who is three-and-a-half. She was kind and encouraging, gentle and patient, and above all, gave Jeffrey the confidence he needed to learn to swim. He learned to swim, go underwater, kick, and blow bubbles. He looked forward to his lessons with Lindsey and grew very fond of her.
Most definitely recommend sunsational swim school! Very friendly staff that followed up many times and great instructor! My instructor was Erwin. He is a great, heavily accredited instructor who knows his stuff and clearly likes what he does. He is kind and personable, and always excited and supportive. I'm happy with the swimming skills that I learned over the 6 lessons. I overcome my fear of water and can now swim independently. Thanks to sunsational swim school motivated and enthusiastic instructor!

Featured Swim Instructors in Bellflower, CA

We believe our students deserve the best, so we work with only the best swim instructors in Bellflower. Every Sunsational swim teacher has a minimum of 2 years teaching experience, is CPR/First Aid certified, passes a national background check, and has a proven track record of successful teaching before they even land an interview with Sunsational. We screen for the best so you don't have to, and we stand by all our swim instructors with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why? Because we know great instructors means fast results!

Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Bellflower, CA - Maya H
Maya H
Bellflower, CA
Hi, my name is Maya and I've been teaching swim lessons for 2 years. I have also worked with children for 12 years as a teacher intern, swim coach and currently a fitness coach in 4 school districts. I went to St. Philips College and earned a AA in Early Childhood and Family Studies in 2015. Earning a BA at CSUDH in Human Service in May 2019. I love teaching swimming because I want to teach all children survival skills. Strong water polo and swim team background.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in West Covina, CA - Latye C
Latye C
West Covina, CA
Hi my name is Latye Jose, IÔÇÖve been teaching swim lessons for 3 years to students of all ages from a 3-year-old to a 56-year-old woman. I did competitive swimming for 4 years and have gone to CIF twice to compete. I have a huge amount of patience and am very understanding as well, IÔÇÖve been told IÔÇÖm an excellent instructor because I value my student's needs and want them to succeed. I will adapt to what the student likes and teach them how to swim in unique styles if I have to, swimming is fun!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Los Angeles, CA - Alyssa P
Alyssa P
Los Angeles, CA
Hi, my name is Alyssa and not only was I a competitive swimmer for 14 years, but I taught swim lessons for six! The ages of the lessons ranged from infant to adult, and the nature of the lessons ranged from group to individual. I was also a lifeguard and swim coach during those six years. Additionally, I was a coach for multiple teams--club/summer teams, middle school, and a special education team with 20 kids. I absolutely love kids, and I'm excited to get back in the water!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Long beach, California - Nicole S
Nicole S
Long beach, California
Hi, my name is Nicole and I have been teaching swim lessons for about 6 years with ages 2 to adult. I have also worked with children outside of the aquatic environment for 10 years as a babysitter, after school leader, preschool teacher, tutor, and substitute teacher. I went to school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and earned a degree in Psychology in 2017. I love teaching swimming because it is my passion and I love working with children of all abilities, backgrounds, and strengths.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Pasadena, California - Leah H
Leah H
Pasadena, California
Hi, my name is Leah and I've been teaching swim lessons for a total of 8 years with ages 1-adult. I've also been a lifeguard, babysitter and yard duty leader so I have a lot of experience with water and kids. I attended Portland State University with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design.
I love teaching swimming because I love to swim and see people learn. I started lessons in kindergarten, joined swim team in 3rd grade and continued all the way to high school swim team.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Los Angeles, CA - Brittney C
Brittney C
Los Angeles, CA
Hi y'all! My name is Brittney, and I've been teaching swim lessons for 5.5 years with children (3 yrs old) to adults. I was also, a summer league swim coach for 2 yrs, coaching swimmers from 5 to 18 years old. Over the course of my career, as an instructor, I taught swimmers who were fearful of the water, and who wanted to sharpen their technique. I graduated from TCU, with a degree in film. My entire life has revolved around being in the water and helping others find the same joy in it as I do!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Culver City, CA - Shrenil S
Shrenil S
Culver City, CA
Hi! My name is Shrenil and I specialize in getting young children comfortable in the water as well as developing professional swimming strokes and techniques. I have swam competitively since the age of 9, have been nationally ranked in multiple events and am a college swim recruit at Georgia Tech. I've also worked with children for the past 4 years (Ages 4-14) as a swim coach, math tutor, and computer science tutor. I absolutely love the sport and I hope your child will too!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Buena Park, CA - Albert (Min Suk) K
Albert (Min Suk) K
Buena Park, CA
Hi there! My name is Albert and I am a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a degree in Management Science. With over 20 years of swimming and water polo background, I have been teaching swim lessons part time for over 6 years now. During this time, I have taught a variety of ages and skill levels and have also coached water polo and competitive swimming at the high school and college level. I am looking forward to working with you!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Commerce, CA - Lizette P
Lizette P
Commerce, CA
Hi, my name is Lizette and I have been teaching swim lessons for 4 years with ages 6 months to adults. I went to California Baptist University and recently earned a degree in science. I was in competitive swim and water polo for over 14 years and continued playing for a D1 university. I love teaching swimming because I enjoy sharing my knowledge in the sport I grew up playing with others. Also, spreading the importance of water safety with young children and parents.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in South Gate, CA - Melissa V
Melissa V
South Gate, CA
Hi my name is Melissa Velasco, I have been teaching swim lessons for little to over a year now. I taught age groups from toddlers (2-5), children (6-12), teens (15+), as well as adults( 20+).I like to make sure class is fun and never dull, to make all clients feel welcomed and unafraid. I love to socialize and make sure to always get feedback from all my classes. So that I may always improve in teaching! :) I also competitively swam for 4 years in high school and did club swimming for 3 years.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Burbank, CA - Jourdan S
Jourdan S
Burbank, CA
Hi, my name is Jourdan and I have been teaching swim lessons for 14 years with children and adults, ages 2 to 30 years old. I also worked with children for 8 years as a tutor, babysitter, and camp counselor. I went to Susquehanna University earning a degree in business in 2017, held 4 team records, and worked at Science Magazine as an Analyst. I love teaching swimming lessons because it comes so naturally to me and I can also teach open water survival techniques that I learned from scouting!
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Long Beach, CA - Charles C
Charles C
Long Beach, CA
Hi my name is Charles I've been teaching swim and surf lessons for 5 years with ages 8-60. Whether you're a beginner or looking to strengthen your skills in the water, I can help. I love teaching swimming because all the fun involved in water sports and being a strong swimmer presents snorkeling in Hawaii, surfing in Santa Cruz, and water rafting in the American river! The benefits and peace of mind you will have after will last a lifetime.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Pasadena, CA - David S
David S
Pasadena, CA
Hi my name is David and I've been teaching swimming lessons for 15 years. I've also worked with children for 15 years as martial arts instructor in addition to swimming, ages 2.5 and above. I have also worked with special needs and fearful beginners. I love teaching swimming because I love to connect people with the water by sharing my knowledge and skills. I have a background as a child competitive swimmer. I'm also a certified PADI advanced & rescue diver
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Lakewood, CA - Ashton N
Ashton N
Lakewood, CA
Hi, my name is Ashton and I am currently a competitive swim coach. I am a competitive swim coach and work with kids from the ages of six to sixteen. I was also a former competitive swimmer for fourteen years. I am currently in my third year at California State University Long Beach and am working towards a degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science. I really enjoy teaching kids how to swim because it is an incredibly valuable life long skill that can help save lives.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Los Angeles, CA - Ashley O
Ashley O
Los Angeles, CA
Hi, my name is Ashley and I have had 8 years experience teaching swim lessons. I have experience with ages 6 months to adults. I also have experience creating swimming programs and implementing them. I currently work at a school and teach math and English Language Arts. I have earned my BachelorÔÇÖs degree in Psychology and Disability at the University of Illinois- Chicago. I am pursuing my MasterÔÇÖs Degree this fall. My current/future career choices all reflect on my passion of helping children.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Palmdale, CA - Missy S
Missy S
Palmdale, CA
Hi! IÔÇÖm Missy. I grew up swimming competitively. I mentored young teammates. I started giving lessons in 2005. I work with kids, including those with special needs, ages 2-18, with skillsets ranging from basic to finessing techniques. I teach private & group lessons of 8-10 kids. I enjoy teaching because I love seeing their joy when they succeed at a new skill. IÔÇÖm certified in lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, & AED. IÔÇÖm also a tutor. I have a B.S. in Mech. Engineering and a PhD in Nuclear Fusion.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Long Beach, CA - Katie H
Katie H
Long Beach, CA
Hi, my name is Katie Hoefgen. I've been teaching swim lessons for 5 years. I have taught kids as young as three, all the way to adults.
I recently graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology and earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I continue to teach swim lessons because I truly believe in the importance of water safety and swimming and would love to share my passion.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Pasadena, CA - Nayleen C
Nayleen C
Pasadena, CA
Hi, my name is Nayleen and i've been swimming since I was 4 years old. I've worked with newborns up to 10 year olds. I've also worked with children for 8 years as a babysitter, coach, and volunteering. I will be majoring in Child Development at Fullerton in the fall of 2020. I love teaching swimming because I can see growth and seeing the parents and kids get excited when they feel accomplished.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in Los Angeles, CA - Ethan Y
Ethan Y
Los Angeles, CA
Hi! My name is Ethan and I've been a swimmer since I was 9 years old to help me cope with my asthma. Throughout the years I went from swimmer to swim coach as I've taught students of all ages how to swim, both for practical knowledge as well as competitively. I used to be a head swim coach back in my home town and received my degree in Biology from UC Berkeley.

I am excited to share what I know as a swimmer to my clients, and am ready to match what they want out of their lessons.
Sunsational Private Swim Lesson Instructor in La Puente, CA - Jay C
Jay C
La Puente, CA
Hello! My name is Jay and I have been teaching swim lessons for 2 years with ages ranging from 3-14. I also have babysat and volunteered to work with children with different abilities. I just recently graduated from Mt. Sac with my AA in Social Behavioral Sciences. While I was attending school I took 5 classes of ASL and played on the water polo team. In total I have played water polo for 5 years and competitively swam for 2. I absolutely love teaching children how to swim and be safe.

Private swim lessons vs. Group swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons Group Swim Lessons
30 Minutes 5 Minutes
AVG. # LESSONS TO BECOME A SWIMMER (3YRS+) 8-12 lessons 60+
AVERAGE TIME TO SWIM 2-4 weeks (3-4x week) 1-3 years
(12 private lessons)
(@ $80/month for 1x week)

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