Private Swim Lessons
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Who needs to know how to swim? Kids, of course—but infants, toddlers, and even adults can also gain water safety skills that help them stay safer in and around the water. Want to know the secret to learning how to swim quickly and confidently with the least amount of stress? Private swim lessons with Sunsational Swim School in West Hollywood!

We deliver top-rated swim instructors to your doorstep—or favorite community pool, fitness center, or other facility—no matter where you live in West Hollywood. No more interrupting your day to squeeze in a lesson right when your kids are at their crankiest, or fighting rush hour traffic to get to a lesson taught by bored, inexperienced teachers. Wherever, whenever, Sunsational Swim provides personalized instruction for reluctant first-timers afraid to put their face in the water, to seasoned triathletes looking to get an edge on the competition by refining their technique.

You tell us your dream schedule—lessons back-to-back for your twins? Your infant class in the morning and your elementary school kids in the evening? Adult learn-to-swim sessions before work? —and we'll get it done!

And, don't be surprised when your Sunsational swim teacher seems to know just how to get your child in the water without tears: each and every lesson is personalized for YOUR student's needs, making us one of the most successful providers of private swimming lessons in West Hollywood. Because we know that our gentle, progressive techniques get results, we're not afraid to offer a Learn-to-Swim guarantee package for students three and up!

Why not complete our quick registration form today? After just a few brief questions, you'll be on your way to swimming success in no time.

Popular Swimming Lesson Programs

Your baby can begin to learn water safety skills—it’s never too early to start!
Our private classes can help your child achieve—and exceed—their swimming goals.
Our one-on-one lessons help your teen pickup the basics of swim with comfortable guidance.
Our lessons help even the most reluctant adults to conquer their fears.
Our trained private instructors can help students with autism, sensory challenges, ADHD, physical disabilities and more.
Our private swim lessons by expert coaches get advanced swimmers ready for competition, tests and triathlons & more.

Why are West Hollywood Swim Lessons so important?

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S among children under 14
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less
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Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons in West Hollywood

Focus on Water Safety

Where do most young children drown in West Hollywood? Sadly, the answer is 'in their own swimming pool'. For this reason, our lessons prioritize the 'Sunsational Safety Sequence': turning around and reaching the side of the pool after an accidental fall into the water. We make that sequence the heart of our Learn-to-Swim Guarantee for students ages 3 and older.

Convenient Scheduling

Trying to fit kids into group lessons can often feel like fitting a square peg into a round hole! With Sunsational, you set the day of the week and the time that is the best fit for you. Weekdays before lunch? Weekend afternoons? Multiple children in back-to-back lessons three days a week? Absolutely!

Customized Lesson Plans

Most swim lessons take a one-size-fits-all approach to instruction, but Sunsational lessons are personalized for each swimmer. Our teachers recognize and honor individual needs, differences, and strengths, and their one-on-one lessons are tailored to help your child progress in the way that is most effective for them.

Home or Community Pool: Your Choice!

You select the pool that fits your active lifestyle, whether that's down the street or at your home. You'll soon see how much money and time you save when you have a Sunsational Swim instructor that comes to YOU!

How does Sunsational Swim Work

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    Get Matched
    Shortly after registering we introduce you to your hand selected instructor who will contact you to schedule lessons
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    Get Started
    Dive in and begin reaching your swimming goals!

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
Bailey says she "swims like a fish!" With her instructor, Sue. Almost 3, Bailey now swims under water across the width of the pool, knows how to grab on to the sides, and loves to dive down to get the gems that Sue brings. Sue is always on time and even came a little early at first to warm Bailey to a new person in her life. We are super happy with everything and will extend the lessons to get Bailey swimming like a big girl!
Kimberly B on yelp
Jehn was a very patient teacher. My daughter is 14 months and the first day she cried most of the lesson. By the last lesson, she was laughing and completely comfortable in the water. Her confidence is so much better. She's blowing bubbles even when she's not in the pool. Jehn was always on time and ready to teach. The process to find her through Sunsational swim was quick and easy.
Cindy G on yelp
We absolutely LOVED Stacey!! She was so patient with both of our 19month old and our 4.5 year old! Our 4 year old just adored her and looked forward to swim lessons each week. She commanded his attention and really made him listen. He swims like a pro now. He is water safe, which was reassuring to hear from Stacey. And he truly enjoys the pool and swimming!! She taught him a lot of neat tricks for diving and swimming on his back. She did quite a lot with our littlest child as well!! She was able to get him onto his back each lesson and dipped him under water. I developed a lot more confidence with him in the water through watching Stacey with him.
Ali P on yelp
Our instructor, Cheyenne, was always on time, enthusiastic, energetic, focused, and dedicated to the kids. She worked really hard and encouraged each child to do their best. She had infinite patience and overall made a huge impact on the kids, who were able to learn new strokes in no time.
Niki V on yelp
Nicole has been excellent! She is a great coach and readily adapts the lessons to fit my strong willed 3 daughter's personality. She has made learning to swim a fun challenge! My kid now jumps in the deep end, and thinks she is a racing mermaid!
Charlyn B on yelp
The swim instructor (Gianni) is very polite and professional. My 5 years old look forward toward his swimming lesson every time and develop more confidence in himself than with any other instructors in the past. Highly recommend this program and the instructor.
Edward O on yelp
Kendra was awesome with Mathew! He is autistic and she was so patient with him and made sure to go at a pace he was comfortable with. He enjoyed his lessons and looked forward to seeing her.
Denise L on yelp
Kendra was awesome with Mathew! He is autistic and she was so patient with him and made sure to go at a pace he was comfortable with. He enjoyed his lessons and looked forward to seeing her.
Denise L on yelp
Alexa (Our swim instructor) has been amazing. She has always been on time and professional. Our girls really enjoy their lesson and we can really see the results. Their comfort level in the pool has dramatically changed for the better. My daughter can tend to lose focus during instruction, but Alexa has been able to get her keep her on track with the lesson.
Julian B on yelp
Sunsational Swim offers a great swim program. Our instructor Javier was amazing with my 3.5 yr old daughter! We have a pool at home so it was so convenient having Javier come to our home for the lessons. My daughter had just started somewhat swimming on her own when the lessons started, but when she started her lessons with Javier she progressed so fast! Javier had so much patience especially with a 3 yr old. He taught her water safety which I thought was so important. I'm so happy to say that she is definitely a strong lil swimmer which puts me at ease. She is able to swim to the bottom of the pool to get her swim toys, she's almost diving! This is by far the best money spent! Thank you Javier!
Customer Review On yelp

Private swim lessons vs. Group swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons Group Swim Lessons
30 Minutes 5 Minutes
AVG. # LESSONS TO BECOME A SWIMMER (3YRS+) 8-12 lessons 60+
AVERAGE TIME TO SWIM 2-4 weeks (3-4x week) 1-3 years
(12 private lessons)
(@ $160/month for 1x week)

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