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Sunsational Swim School offers the highest-rated private swimming lessons in West Palm Beach, FL. Founded in 2009 by a caring educator and dedicated mom of 4, Sarah Sebe, our mission is to make learning to swim safe, fast, fun, and hassle-free!

We specialize in highly-effective, private at-home swim lessons for learners of all ages. Our certified and experienced private swim instructors travel to your home or community pool in West Palm Beach to teach your swim lessons on your schedule!

Our trusted brand reputation, dedicated founder, and high instructor standard set Sunsational apart. Our dedication to 5-star service and amazing swim instructors are what make Sunsational the highest-rated swim program in West Palm Beach and America!

Why Informed Families Choose Sunsational

Sunsational Private Swim Instructors Team West Palm Beach

Access to Amazing Swim Instructors

We have the most vetted team of swim instructors in America. Unlike other swim programs, we know each of our swim instructors from 1-on-1 interviews. We've built our reputation on providing only the best swim instructors since 2009. Our instructors are what make Sunsational Swim School the #1 in-demand private swim lessons in West Palm Beach.

Sunsational Private Swim Instructors in West Palm Beach Maintain the Highest Bar of Excellence:

id card

Minimum 2+ Yrs. Teaching Experience

cpr certificate

CPR/First Aid Certified

starred icon

Personally known and interviewed 1-on-1 by our in-house hiring team

verified instructor checklist

Vetted and passed National and Local background checks

insured instructors seal

Fully insured and covered under Sunsational Swim School's insurance policies

satisfaction guaranteed certificate

Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Personalized Swim Lesson Curriculum For All Ages

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Baby/Infant swim lessons

infant/baby swim lessons check

Toddler/Preschool swim lessons

infant/baby swim lessons check

School Age/Jr/Teen swim lessons

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Adult swim lessons

We care about how you learn, what you learn, and how fast you learn. Get private swim lessons tailored to meet your needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner learning to swim, looking for lessons for your kid(s), or are a more advanced swimmer refining your technique, your curriculum will be crafted by your instructor to meet your skill level, learning style and pace. We have specialized instructors for every need and we'll match you with the right one. You'll see amazing results faster training with your Sunsational swim instructor than you will with other swim programs!

toddler showing off their swim skills after completed their learn to swim guaranteed package

Learn to Swim Guaranteed (Young Swimmers Ages 3 and Up!)

When you choose Sunsational, you choose the first swim school to offer a Learn to Swim Guarantee. Our guarantee states that within JUST 12 lessons, young swimmers ages 3 years and older will be able to turn around in the water, kick back to the nearest wall, and grab on to the edge after entering or being dropped in. This foundational skill set is proven to reduce the risk of child drowning by up to 88%! If your child cannot complete this guarantee by the end of their Learn to Swim Guaranteed package, we'll provide up to 4 free additional lessons until they can! If your child finds themselves unexpectedly in the water, our instructors train them to navigate from it safely!

custom lesson scheduling calendar

Truly Custom Scheduling

We know life in West Palm Beach is busy (our founder is a busy mom of 4 herself)! That's why we offer truly custom scheduling. We'll fit your swim lessons into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Sunrise sessions before school, lunchtime laps, or sunset swim after work? You tell us what's best for you and we'll make it work.

Schedule anytime between 6am - 8pm!

Available 7 days per week

students having swim lessons at home

The Swim Lessons At-Home Advantages

Beyond the conveneince of saving the time and hassle of commuting from lesson to lesson in West Palm Beach traffic, learning to swim at home has major advantages for both children and adults.

Advantages for Children

  • 87% of drownings happen at home pools—Children get to learn to swim and be safe where it matters most. Formal swim lessons are shown to reduce drowning risk by up to 88%!
  • Non-distracting surroundings
  • Familiar environment

Advantages for Adults

  • Privacy—Overcoming the vulnerability of learning a new skill, especially swimming, is easier without an audience
  • Comfortable environment—you're in familiar surroundings, reducing anxiety and making you more receptive to learning

How Sunsational Works

registration step 1 - register online or over the phone

Register Online

Submit a quick & easy registration. We'll review your details to match you with the perfect swim instructor!

registration step 2 - we'll personally pick an instructor for your lessons based on your needs, schedule and goals.

Get Matched

Shortly after registering, we introduce you to your hand-selected instructor who will contact you to schedule your lessons

registration step 3 - your hand-selected swim instructor will reach out to you to schedule lessons. Start your lessons!

Start Your Lessons

Dive in. Reach your swimming goals faster than you imagined with your Sunsational teacher!

Clients Love Our Private Swimming Lessons

sunsational private swim lesson star ratings 4.9/5

4.9 / 5.0

1,674+ Reviews

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Ashley O

We are happy with our son's swimming progress following lessons with Daniela! She built a great relationship with our son, he felt safe and had fun with her! I was impressed with her continuous patience and willingness to work with him as he takes a bit of special consideration due to an amputation (and being a bossy 4 year old). Daniela was awesome!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Nate D

Marinella is fantastic with our 2-year-old! She knows exactly how to push JUST enough to keep her growing and becoming more comfortable in the water, without her becoming scared or overwhelmed! She makes the whole lesson seen like playtime while still teaching her the basics of swimming. We couldn't be happier with Marinella! -Nate D.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Nate D

Marinella is fantastic with our 2-year-old! She knows exactly how to push JUST enough to keep her growing and becoming more comfortable in the water, without her becoming scared or overwhelmed! She makes the whole lesson seen like playtime while still teaching her the basics of swimming. We couldn't be happier with Marinella! -Nate D.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Christina G

We have had a great experience with our instructor from Sunsational for home swimming lessons in Miami. Yoelvis ("Joey") is amazing! I cannot recommend him enough. He is wonderful with the kids (ages 5 and 3)- patient, excited, encouraging, flexible, dependable, and is always smiling. Our kids have made incredible progress in a short time and it is completely due to Joey. The kids look forward to the lessons and are enjoying the pool and swimming more than ever before. His personality and swimming experience make him uniquely qualified to be an outstanding swim instructor.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Stefania D

Thank you, Marianela for the wonderful lessons! We did a class with our 6mo son (until he was about 10 mo) that got him comfortable in the pool, going underwater, and other basics. Marinela was a great teacher and great with the baby!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Stefania D

I searched for a while before settling for Sunsational and I'm glad I picked them! My baby, along with two friends, had their first swim lessons with Marianela Marquina and she was just beyond amazing! Sunsational matched us with her and after that, we had all our communication directly with Nela who was ALWAYS super friendly, accommodating and generally had the best attitude. Our babies all felt comfortable with her and so did the parents! 10/10 would recommend.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Laurie S

No words can express how happy we were with Marianela Marquina. My grandson (1 1/2 years) loves water, now even more. He is swimming with such enthusiasm it's hard to get him out of the pool. We now have a new addition and can't wait to get him started with Nela!

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Allana W

Marianela Marquina is the best swim instructor ever! She was amazing with my 2 yr old daughter! I decided to purchase private lessons during the pandemic because I did not want my daughter around a large group of parents and kids. She was worth every penny. My daughter loves the water and learned so many safety lessons. She is excellent

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Stefania D

I searched for a while before settling for Sunsational and I'm glad I picked them! My baby, along with two friends, had their first swim lessons with Marianela Marquina and she was just beyond amazing! Sunsational matched us with her and after that, we had all our communication directly with Nela who was ALWAYS super friendly, accommodating and generally had the best attitude. Our babies all felt comfortable with her and so did the parents! 10/10 would recommend.

sunsational swim school avatar logo
Natalia B

Marianela (Nela) Marquina, excellent in all aspects. Both of my kids were in love with her. My 1-year-old was very scared and within days she learned to let go and trust Marianela. My 3 year old loves her, and really enjoyed his time with her. Thank You, Marianela for the amazing time with my kids and your professionalism.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy with your swim lessons after your first lesson, contact us and we'll restart your lesson package with another instructor or provide a refund, your choice!

Featured Swim Instructors In West Palm Beach

Our clients come to us for the best swim lessons, so we work with only the best swim instructors in West Palm Beach. Every Sunsational swim instructor is known by a member of our quality team from a 1-on-1 interview. All our private swim lesson instructors have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience, are CPR/First Aid certified, and pass national and local background checks. We screen for the best so you don't have to! Register today for your swim lessons and our expert matching team will you pair you with the best swim instructor for your goals.
Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Carla L
Carla L

Hi, my name is Carla Leitão. I am a former swimmer and surfer. I started to swim at 3 years old, I went to a travel team at 7 years old, and basically swimming has been part of my whole life. Teaching swimming lessons is something that came naturally, first with friends and their little kids and later with other families. I love swimming because I feel happy and fulfilled in the water and my goal is to make you feel the same: comfortable, safe, and happy!

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Kerry M
Kerry M

Good day, my name is Kerry. I have been a coach for over 12 years. I have coached and taught swimming from ages infant to adults. I have taught swimming at high schools, community events, and summer camps as a swimming instructor. I am also an SAT tutor. I have a passion for helping students reach their goals!

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Norbert S
Norbert S

Hey! My name is Norbert Szabo, I've been teaching swim lessons for almost 5 years. I was born and raised in Hungary and came to the US in 2016. I found a lot of success in the swimming world and I swam at the highest level and competed at the 2016 Olympic Games. I worked with kids ranging from the age of 5 up to 18. I went to Virginia Tech and earned a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I love giving back and as a swimmer, I love to teach you to feel safe and active in the water.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Ryan O
Ryan O

Hello, My name is Ryan Orban and i've been swimming and teaching since a young age. Having multiple nieces and cousins i have worked with kids for many years, i have also worked with adults while i was in the United States Marine Corps. I love everything about the water and teaching is not just a passion but an obligation for me to share what ive learned in life and pass it out.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Abbie S
Abbie S

Hi, my name is Abbie Seward and I've been teaching swim lessons for three years with ages 9 months to 10 years old. I was also a lifeguard for a two years and have a lot of experience in life saving techniques. Teaching swim lessons is such a rewarding job, it's amazing how much children can grow in the water. I became a competitive swimmer in middle school and it has helped me with all aspects of my life. I look forward to teaching children to be confident and comfortable in the water.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor natalie g
natalie g

Hi, my name is Natalie and I've been teaching swim lessons for five years. I've also worked with children for ten years as a tutor, babysitter, swim coach, and camp counselor. I was a collegiate swimmer at Keiser University for 2 years. I love teaching swimming because I fell in love with water at a young age and now want to show children how the water is not something to fear, but something to enjoy.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Nicole D
Nicole D

Hi, my name is Nicole and I've been teaching lessons for 2 years with ages 3 to 60+. I have been a lifeguard for 7 years. I volunteer at an organization called CAPAA helping children with Autism. I went to school in Belfast and earned a degree in Web Development. I love teaching swimming because I feel that it is very important for everyone to feel safe and confident in the water. I love to see progression in my students and see them grow and develop into strong, happy and healthy swimmers.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Cailyn M
Cailyn M

Hi, my name is Cailyn and I have been teaching swim lessons for over 7 years in various aquatic environments! I am experienced in working with newborns to adults and everyone in-between! If you are just starting in the pool or need some stroke evaluation I would love to help!! I am extremely patient, great with kids and love to work with special needs students. I love teaching swimming because water safety is super important life skill to know, especially in South Florida!!

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Caitlyn E
Caitlyn E

Hi, my name is Caitlyn! I have taught swim lessons to friends and family for about one year with ages ranging from four to ten years old. I have also worked with children for six years as a babysitter and also through various volunteering. I currently attend Palm Beach Atlantic University and am majoring in nursing. I love teaching swimming because I think it is so important for children to be comfortable around the water, and to know proper water safety.

Sunsational  Private Swim Instructor Briana T
Briana T

Hello, My name is Briana. I am currently attending Broward college where I am studying business. I have been teaching swim lessons for 4 years, ages 6 months to adult, including special needs students. I branched off into childcare by babysitting infants to 8 year olds. I have been swimming competitively since the age of 5. I decided to turn my love for swimming into something spectacular - Teaching kids the only sport that can help potentially save their life or someone else’s.!

Your West Palm Beach Private Swim Lesson Packages

Sunsational Is Niche Private Swim Lessons In West Palm Beach

Imagine joining a top swim club—that's Sunsational Swim School for you. High demand makes our private swim lessons in West Palm Beach niche because our instructors' schedules can fill quickly. Five-star customer service, friendly, professional staff, and excellent follow up puts us at the top of the list for clients looking for the best swimming lessons immediately. If you want to reach your swim goals with the help of a top instructor and enjoy the convenience of 5-star, at-home swimming lessons in West Palm Beach, choose Sunsational Swim School. Alleviate all your anxiety about finding the perfect swim lessons and choose the #1-rated swim program in America today, backed by 1,674+ reviews! Act now and before our availability is full to get West Palm Beach's best private swim lessons!

Our Swimming Lessons Framework

custom private swim lesson curriculum list


Each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals as a student. Whether lessons are for your beginner child learning basic water safety or a more advanced swimmer refining their technique, the curriculum adapts to their skill level and learning pace.

professional instructors certification


Instructors are carefully vetted and selected based on their qualifications, experience, and ability to connect with students of varying ages and abilities. They have proven, previous experience to deliver swim curriculum effectively.

customizable private swim lesson schedule calendar


For something as important as learning how to swim, scheduling shouldn't be an obstacle. Sunsational Swim School offers truly custom scheduling that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Schedule your private swim lessons any day of the week, between 6am-8pm.

private swim lesson safety buoy


Our program places a strong emphasis on safety, teaching students essential skills like floating, treading water, and basic rescue techniques. This focus is particularly emphasized in lessons for younger children.

learn to swim guarantee badge


For younger learners, Sunsational offers a guarantee that they will learn to swim with a learn to swim guaranteed package. This guarantee reflects our confidence in our methods and instructors.

swim lesson feedback form


Regular assessments and feedback are integral to our program, ensuring students and their families are aware of progress and areas needing improvement. Instructors provide updates and can adjust the curriculum as needed. Our office staff will regularly check in with you to see how your lessons are going.

at-home swim lesson


Conducting lessons in a home or community pool not only provides convenience but also helps students learn in a familiar environment, which can enhance the learning process and reduce anxiety.

inclusivity seal


Our private swim lessons are designed to cater to a wide range of students, including those with special needs, adults with water anxiety, or competitive swimmers seeking advanced coaching.

diverse swim lesson students


Recognizing that everyone learns differently, Sunsational private swim instructors adapt their teaching style to each student’s learning preferences, ensuring a more effective and enjoyable experience.

Helping Support West Palm Beach With Every Lesson

Sunsational Swim School in West Palm Beach is more than a swim instruction service—it's a testament to the strength of our local community. From the sun-kissed shores of Palm Beach to the tranquil waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, our swim instructors are a proud reflection of our coastal charm and dedication to the community's well-being.

In West Palm Beach, where boating, snorkeling, and beach days are ingrained in our culture, Sunsational's personalized swim lessons mean you can partake in these joys with peace of mind about water safety.

The warm Florida waters invite year-round swimming, making water safety an essential priority. Given our region's water safety challenges, we emphasize effective swimming techniques and survival skills in our curriculum, which is fortified by our Learn to Swim Guarantee.

When you choose Sunsational Swim School in West Palm Beach, you're empowering local swim instructors and fueling the local economy. With every lesson, you’re not just learning to navigate the water; you're investing in West Palm Beach’s future, buoyed by our commitment to satisfaction and unparalleled swim education. Together, let’s ensure that every stroke contributes to our community's vitality.

Nearby Areas We Offer Private Swimming Lessons

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Popular Swim Lesson Locations

Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you teach?

We teach infants, children, teens, and adults. Our private swim lessons start from as young as 6 months old. There's no upper age limit for adults&we believe it's never too late to learn to swim!

How much do private swim lessons cost?

Our pricing is based on the package of lessons you choose. Prices vary depending on the number of lessons, the length of each session, and whether you opt for private or semi-private lessons. The more you buy, the more you save! Begin a registration to select your package and see a full, no-obligation quote.

Where do you teach swimming lessons?

Our swim instructors travel to your home or community pool to teach your lessons. We provide swimming lessons throught West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Enter your zip code to check if you're eligible to register for our private lessons.

When can I register? How?

We offer a rolling registration, allowing you to sign up and start lessons at any time that suits you. This flexibility helps accommodate busy schedules and seasonal preferences. Our website offers an easy registration process where you can specify your needs, goals, schedule, and any special requests. You can also call us to register over the phone at 1-888-788-2140 M-F 830am-5pm PST.

What is the Sunsational Learn to Swim Guarantee?

Our Learn to Swim Guarantee is a water safety skill set designed for young beginners. If your child were to jump or be lightly dropped into the water, our instructor teaches them to turn around, kick and grab the wall. Most kids are able to learn these skills - and more - within 12 private lessons, but if your child needs more time to meet this goal, we'll give each student up to 4 additional 30 minute lessons free. Here are the general requirements for more lessons: a) student is 3-17 years old b) student completes at least 12 private 30 minute lessons c) student has at least 3 lessons per week d) pool is minimum 82 degrees for all lessons e) student does not require special needs instruction or extreme fear counseling.