Parents Who Can't Swim

Parents Who Can't Swim

If a parent does not know how to swim, there is only a 13% chance that a child in that household will learn how to swim, according to a national research study by the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis.

Not knowing how to swim as a parent can be a sensitive topic. Feelings ranging from intense fear, embarrassment and helplessness surround parents inabilities to swim. However, the situation is 100% changeable. Parents can still learn to swim and change their feelings to confidence, ease and effectiveness.

How can you save your child from drowning if you do not know how to swim?

As a parent many things need to be done to ensure our children’s safety, even if that means facing a fear of our own. At the end of the day, our children need to be protected. By giving yourself the freedom of learning how to swim, you now have the power to save your own child.

It is important to note that most drownings in children happen in their own home pool, so it is paramount that both parents know how to swim-especially if they have a pool or body of water in their backyard.

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