Sunsational Swim Lessons for Kids with Autism

Overcome the Fear of Water

To everyone who has compared themselves to others, felt an anxious fear in the intimidating world of swimming, or have given up on trying: you can do this. I will not discount the discomfort, the feeling of failure, or the thought of “this will never work,” but here are 3 tips for finding confidence and overcoming fear in the water.

A Year of Swimming Lessons

A Look Back at a Sunsational Year!

Swimming isn't the easiest skill to learn, but watching kids, parents & grandparents pick up the art makes for amazing moments! Take a peek at some of our favorite moments this year, and who knows, you may be inspired for next season!

Baby Swim Lessons

Six Baby Swim Lessons You can Teach in the Tub!

Many parents believe that their kids swim lessons begins with their child’s first time in a pool, but this is a common misconception. The truth is that swim instruction can begin as soon as your child’s first bath, and there are some fun, easy tips that you can try with your child in the bathtub which will promote bonding.

Pool Safety During Thunderstorms

Best Pool Safety Practices During a Lightning Storm

Swimming is an excellent recreational sport that can be enjoyed year round. And while many of us are up-to-date regarding best water safety practices during the warm summer months, many are still unaware of the shifting hazards the water can present during the fall, winter, and even spring seasons, specifically during stormy weather.

Dryland Swimming Exercises

Proven At-Home Swim Lessons for Autistic Children

The idea that children with Autism can not participate in swimming lessons or swim sports is a common misperception. There are many ways that home swim lessons can help a child with autism. It is important to shed light on all the benefits of at home swim lessons for children affected with Autism.

Kids Swimming Lessons Best Strokes

Best Swimming Strokes for Kids 5 & Up

Children who have become generally comfortable in the water can begin to learn the basic strokes that will help them move about in the pool. Before learning actual strokes, the child should learn how to glide, pushing off the walls of the pool and holding their hands above their head – picture Superman flying, and you’ve got the general idea. When the momentum following the push-off stops, it’s time for the child to kick. As soon as the child feels at ease gliding and kicking both with their face in the water and also on their back, it’s time to learn some actual strokes.

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