Swim Lessons As Exercise

Swim Lessons As Exercise
Swimming Lessons Exercises

Aside from learning a life skill, swim lessons are an effective way for your child to get physical exercise.

With 15 million children considered obese in America alone, physical activity is something that most of our children are not getting enough of. Swimming in particular is seen as one of the best forms of exercise because it works nearly all of the bodies muscles at the same time.

It is also one of the most enjoyed physical activities a child can partake in. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that swimming is reported as the most preferred physical activity over any sport done on land.

Getting involved early on with swim lessons not only prepares them for water safety, but can also give them a lifetime love of the water and physical fitness. Studies also show that children who are involved in physical activity help to develop Fundamental Movement Skills.

These are the skills that children need for fundamental activities and games common in early childhood. Giving children a head start on these skills through swim lessons helps to improve these skills.Research also suggests that children who do not master FMS are more likely to drop out of physical activity later in life, leaving them more susceptible to obesity.

Swimming lessons are a great form of exercise for your child because they will be practicing skills such as kicking and paddling, as well as eventually swimming. Once this is mastered, children should move on with further lessons to help them become strong independent swimmers that can complete 2-4 laps without stopping.

It is important to instill physical activity with your child at a young age so it becomes a habit that they are use to and develops into a healthy habit that again can save their life by preventing illness associated with disability.

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