Benefits of Parent Baby Swimming Lessons

Benefits of Parent Baby Swimming Lessons

Parent and baby swimming lessons are a great way to interact and bond with your baby, while they learn lifesaving skills in the privacy of your home pool or community pool.

Parent and Baby swim lessons can be taught as a private (one-on-one) swim lesson or with a group of moms for a fun group baby swim class.

Swimming Skills your baby will learn:

How long will it take for my baby to learn water safety skills?

Each babies individual progression will depend on factors such as age, comfort level, practice time, etc and there is no “set time frame” that a baby will learn water safety skills. Instructors teach in a gentle manner and focus on your baby not only learning the skills but enjoying the process through fun songs and activities.

We recommend infant/toddlers take 2-3 lessons per week to learn important water safety skills in a quick yet gentle, child-centered manner. Infant swim lessons can begin as early as 6 months and it is very important for an infants to learn basic water safety fundamentals (holding breath, kicking, floating, etc.) to build a foundation for them to flip over and float on their back and wait for help or swim to safety as soon as they are developmentally ready.

We look forward to helping your infant or toddler learn to swim and enjoy the water!

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