7 Steps to Improving Your Triathlon Swim

7 Steps to Improving Your Triathlon Swim

Does the thought of your triathlon swim have you dipping into your TP stash? These 7 tips will save the day (and the Charmin).

1. Conquer Nerves

Both new and seasoned triathletes may find swimming in murky waters daunting without tidy rows of lane lines and a visible bottom. To avoid unnecessary anxiety on race day, include the following in your training regimen:

2. Entry and Exit Strategies

Many newer triathletes begin the swim by slogging through the shallows. Two strategies that make your start and finish efficient are adjusting stride and using a dolphin dive.

3. Sighting

Losing your way can cost time and energy on the swim, so learning to sight is critical. These three suggestions will help you become more efficient:

4. Preparing For a Bumpy Ride

The start of a triathlon swim includes dozens of people all jockeying for position. You will get bumped, kicked and at some point have you goggles knocked off your face. Knowing what’s coming and preparing in advance is the best way to handle the crush.

5. Pace Appropriately

The excitement of race day may cause some athletes to go out too fast on the swim. Since there isn’t a time clock or consistent distance in open water, setting a good pace can be difficult for novice triathletes. Some helpful suggestions include:

6. Gear

There are more swim gadgets available today than ever before. Try anything you like before race day. Nothing is worse than an equipment malfunction a few hundred yards into the race. Pay attention to these key elements:

7. Support Team

Training isn’t the only necessary element of success. Cultivate relationships with people who will encourage and support you. These can be:

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About the author: Wendy Highland

Swim Instructor in Orlando, FL

Wendy Highland began competitive swimming at age 7, medaling in relay and individual events in her high school state championships. After college she embraced the sport of triathlon, participating in a popular sprint series in Florida then completing multiple Olympic distance events and two half ironmans. She obtained her USTA certification and created a women’s triathlon team at a local YMCA. Her passion has been to help beginner adult swimmers discover the benefits of water training.

Wendy has been an active participant in Lucky’s Lake Swim in Orlando, FL and holds her age group record as well as taking 2nd place in her age group at the inaugural Golden Mile Swim in 2019.

Currently Wendy resides in south Atlanta, GA where she participates in a Masters swim group and continues to pursue her passion for distance swimming with the goal of completing the swim around Key West.

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