10 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons at Your Pool

10 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons at Your Pool

Sunsational offers a pretty amazing deal: all the benefits of quality private swim lessons with none of the hassle usually associated with packing up kids and taking them to the pool. Obviously, the best part of any swim lessons is helping your kids develop a safety skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. There is no replacement for confidence in and around water. But beyond that, having private swim lessons at your own pool offers some distinct advantages most parents will appreciate.

#1 Undivided Attention From a Professional Swim Instructor

When you sign up for swim lessons with Sunsational, you’re setting your kid up for success. In group swim classes, kids often only receive a portion of the instructor’s attention. But with private classes, your kid receives undivided attention from a qualified instructor. Every Sunsational instructor must have a minimum of two years teaching experience, guaranteeing that your child’s instructor will know how to best help your little swimmer.

#2 Tailor-Made Customized Lesson Plan

With a Sunsational package, your child will receive a customized, tailor-made swim lesson plan focused on your child’s needs and goals. This means your swimmer’s progress will drive the pace of the lesson. If your child needs extra time to develop a skill, the customized plan is flexible enough to slow down, or speed up, as needed, to help your child succeed.

#3 Less Distractions Than at a Public Swim School Pool

The hardest things for kids about group lessons at a public pool are the distractions. Splashing, noise, water slides, other lessons in close proximity; all these factors can make it difficult for a child to focus on what is being taught in a group class. With private lessons at your own pool, all those distractions are gone, allowing your child to maximize on the time he or she spends with an instructor.

#4 Learning New Skills in Comfortable Familiar Environments is Always Better

Another benefit of swim lessons at home is the fact that the environment is one less thing your kid has to process and adjust to. When your child is learning a new skill in a familiar place where he or she already feels safe, your child will be more relaxed and ready to learn. Being relaxed and comfortable goes a long way in helping a child tackle something new. This helps your child get the most out of pool time.

#5 Flexibility in Scheduling Days and Times

Let’s face it, parents are busy! But with private lessons at your home pool, you don’t have to worry about scheduling your day around a group swim lesson schedule. Quite the opposite: you schedule private lessons for the days and times that best work for you. That means if a specific day or time just doesn’t work, your child won’t miss any lessons.

#6 Don't Have a Far Commute

With private lessons at your own pool, you don’t have to go anywhere: it all comes to you! That means you don’t have to worry about herding kids into the car to make the drive across town, hitting too many red lights, finding a place to park, and getting kids to the pool so they can be on time for their swim lessons. Less time behind the wheel means more time doing what you want and more gas money in your pocket.

#7 Don't Worry About Packing

One of the hardest parts of swim lessons for parents is the daily battle of packing up the pool bag: the gear, the towels, loading up the car, forgetting something like goggles or your phone, and wishing there was some way to avoid that hassle. There is! With private lessons at home, you don’t need to stress about getting all the swim gear together or what you might have forgotten at home: You are at home!

#8 Practice Like You Play

Practicing in the place where your kid will spend the most time in the water increases safety awareness. If you own a pool or have a community/HOA facility, it’s likely your kid will spend most of his or her water time at that pool. Having private swim lessons at your pool means your kid will be more familiar with that pool, where the stairs and ladders are, what it’s like to climb out using the wall, etc. That familiarity can be life-saving for younger swimmers.

#9 Private Instructors Can Inspect Your Pool's Safety Features

Having a trained eye inspect the pool where your kids will swim is invaluable. Unfortunately, professional pool construction doesn’t always do a great job of mitigating the potential risks for kids. Filters systems can be overly powerful, pool designs may create visual blind spots, or diving boards may not be optimally placed. Your private instructor will be able to review your pool for safety and point out to you areas of potential concern.

#10 Private Lessons are Actually More Cost Effective

Don’t let the higher price tag of private lessons fool you. Dollar for dollar, bang for buck, private lessons with a qualified professional’s undivided attention are more cost effective than group lessons. Considering how customized lesson plans will speed a child’s learning, there will be a need for fewer private lessons to reach a swimmer’s goals than if that same swimmer took group lessons. With all the added benefits mentioned above, the price of private lessons also offers unique advantages and convenience.


So if you think it’s time to sign your child up for swim lessons, private instruction from the convenience of your own pool is a great way to go. Contact your local Sunsational Instructor and get your child swimming today!

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