How many swim lessons does a child need?

How many swim lessons does a child need?

How many swim lessons does a child need?

This is a question I receive from parents very often. I compiled some important questions to ask yourself to find out how many swimming lessons you will need.

How many Lessons to Learn How to Swim?

First you need to ask yourself what goals do you have for your child after swim lessons and what is your child's starting point?

Does your child have a fear of the water?

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If your child has a fear of water, whether it be submerging their head under the water or they are scared of the deep end. This could add to the amount of lessons they will need.

Is Your Goal for Your Child to be "Safer" around the Water?

If your goal at the end of these lessons is to have your child become water safe (aka: they can swim across the pool successfully and float on their back when they need air) this also is a determining factor to keep in mind. If your child is unafraid of the water and has some idea going into the lessons how to float or kick ect. They may not need as many lessons as a child that is starting from zero experience in the water and has some fear.

Would you like your child to be able to swim all competitive swim strokes effectively?

If this is your goal for your child after lessons, this may add to the amount of lessons needed. Again, this is also determined by your child’s abilities going into the lessons. On average, if this is your goal or your child is preparing to be swim team ready. There may be an increase in the amount of lessons they will need, as opposed to your child just being water safe.

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How many swimming lessons per week and how long should the swimming lessons last?

Another factor to take into account is how frequent your child has lessons. I have seen the best results when the child has at least 2 or 3 lessons per week. This ensures the child will remember what is being taught and have the chance to possibly get over fear of water and gain more skills to swim over a smaller amount of time. It is also key to be consistent with the amount of lessons. I think 2 or 3 lessons over several months fosters the best results for most children.

How many lessons does it take to swim? In the end, it will be a different number of lessons for each child

I have found every child has different swimming abilities and each child learns to swim at a different pace from another. If your child has certain special needs or disabilities they will take longer to become water safe as opposed to a child without any disabilities. I listed below a couple more points to take into account while determining how many lessons your child may need.

How Many Private Lessons to Learn How to Swim?

Private Swim Lesson Pros:

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Group Swimming Lessons

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12 Lesson Swim Guarantee

At Sunsational we also offer a learn how to swim guarantee with a 12 or 18 lesson package. We have designed a unique program that guarantees that your child (ages three or older) will be able to swim back to the wall, after the instructor drops them in the water. This has been designed to ensure that children learn important life-saving water safety skills. After your child has finished their 12 lesson package if they have not achieved this goal, we will give your child up to four more private lessons, at no extra cost.

Sunsational can achieve this 12 lesson goal through consistency and personal attention, during our swim lessons. We also have many talented and fully equipped instructors that have much experience teaching children how to swim. This is a great alternative for parents who have put their child in group lessons for years with little results. Through our practical one-to-one learning that our private lessons include, it's very achievable and over 95% of children meet this guarantee within only 12 lessons. Of course some kids who are fearful of the water may need a little extra time and that is why we offer up to 4 free lessons to ensure all children can meet this water safety goal.

Of course you should never leave your child unattended around water at any time and no children are ever "drown-proof." However, swimming lessons are shown to reduce the rate of drowning by up to 88% and we believe that teaching children how to return to the wall can further prevent drownings.

Get started with private swimming lessons at your own home or community pool todayand see your child swimming in only weeks, not years!

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Hello, My name is Tara. I recently moved back to CA after being in the east coast for 7 years. I have been a swim instructor for the last 4 and 1/2 years. I also have been an lifeguard and swam competitively in grade school and in high school. I love to swim and enjoy teaching children. I excel in calming children down who are afraid of the water. I have experience teaching infants to adults! I look forward to meeting you!

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