Swim Instructor Spotlight Series - Daniela Rivera

Swim Instructor Spotlight Series - Daniela Rivera

In our Swim Instructor Spotlights series, we would like to introduce you to some of the best instructors in the nation. Sunsational Swim School is proud to be working with passionate and dedicated instructors, and we would like to thank them for being so Sunsational! We hope that our readers will get inspired by their stories, and perhaps learn a thing or two about their favorite instructors!

Sunsational: How old were you when you started swimming?

Daniela: I started swimming at around 6 years old and have participated in every water sport imaginable: springboard diving, water aerobics, water polo, swim team and synchronized swimming.

Sunsational: When did you become a swim instructor? For Sunsational Swim School?

Daniela: I became a swim instructor at 17 years old and have done so on and off since then.

Sunsational: What is your favorite thing about swimming?

Daniela: My favorite thing about swimming is that its dynamics are like a philosophy that I apply to life. It can be very therapeutic to all ages and abilities!

Sunsational: What is your favorite part about being a swim instructor?

Daniela: My favorite part about being a swim instructor is being inspired by seeing people gain confidence in their own ability to swim; while keeping themselves safe AND having fun!

Sunsational: What advice would you give to young swimmers just learning to swim? To parents of young swimmers?

Daniela: It is important for young swimmers to know NOT TO PANIC (breathing deep and smiles are helpful!). And for parents to step back and allow their children the independence with a swim instructor to build the very personal skill of swimming.

Sunsational: What is your favorite place to go swimming? Any specific place?

Daniela: The best place to swim will always be at the biggest pool I can find!

Sunsational: If you were a sea animal, which one would you be? OR what is your favorite sea animal?

Daniela: My favorite sea animal is an octopus because it is so versatile in its way of moving through the water and overcoming obstacles in it so effortlessly.

Sunsational: Any fun facts about yourself or anything else you’d like to share?

Daniela: I enjoy teaching all ages as well as those with mental/ physical disabilities. Swimming is an instinct where can't is an invalid statement! Everyone can swim!

Daniela Rivera has been a swim instructor with Sunsational Swim School since 2018. She has experience teaching students of all ages, from infants to adults! She comes highly recommended by her previous students and always receives the highest remarks.

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