Why You Should Become a Swim Instructor with Sunsational Swim School

Why You Should Become a Swim Instructor with Sunsational Swim School

Hiring Process

I have been an instructor for Sunsational for 3 years, and there are many reasons why I have been an instructor with them for this long and plan on being an instructor with them for years to come. First, the hiring process was easy, the application was easy and the interview happened quickly and during a time that worked for both parties well. After the interview, I heard back that I was accepted to be an instructor with them almost immediately, and started receiving emails from them with lesson packages quickly. They want good swim instructors, and they care about their contractors.

Instructor Matching

After being hired and receiving the emails regarding what lesson packages were open, I jumped right in to get matched with potential clients. The process of selecting clients is also easy and simple, and you can make it work with your schedule. I work full time at a Children’s hospital in Los Angeles, so I can only do lessons in the afternoon/evenings on weekdays and all day on weekends, so I chose the clients that matched with my availability. All I had to do was hit the request button, and I was informed whether I was matched or if they were matched with another instructor already very quickly. The process takes at most 1-2 days, but typically I am informed of whether or not I am matched with a client the same day I request the client. It is also really great that the package requests list the distance away from your home location that you have on file the client is, which is also a factor in whether you might want to take a client package (especially in my city of Los Angeles, where traffic is a factor!).

During the Lesson Package

Once lessons start, you will receive an email from Sunsational asking how the lessons are going, and you can be totally honest about how they are. There is a scale 1-10 and a comment section where you can let them know if there are things about the client or package that you are finding to be difficult. It’s really beneficial because sometimes the lessons go really well, and sometimes clients and instructors just don’t quite click, and it is good for Sunsational to know so they can help you and help the client find an instructor better suited for their lesson needs. Sunsational also sometimes offers bonuses, especially during the high time of summer season when they know that we are all booked up with lessons, and it definitely helps to not only help pay for the gas it takes to get around, but it is also motivation to take on as many clients as you can handle, both mentally and physically.

Open Communication

Anytime I have ever had an issue with a client or package or being too over/underwhelmed with lessons, Sunsational has been there to help me through it. They are super easy to get in touch with and are really nice and treat the instructors really well. I have called, emailed, and texted my Sunsational staff in my area all times of the day and night and they always get back to me within 24 hours, usually less. They are wonderful to work for and I really enjoy how they have set up their lesson packages and the ease of getting set up as an instructor and getting started with lessons! I have also learned so much about being an effective instructor through their online tutorials or learning materials that they have for instructors. They have also helped me out when I was either not feeling quite as comfortable with a certain type of client or needed some extra advice on how to handle a certain lesson package.

I love Sunsational and I bet you will too! Enjoy your time as an instructor and know that if you ever need help, Sunsational is there to guide their instructors 100%!

To get started you can fill out the swim instructor application here.

Stephanie Mitchell's bio:

Swim Instructor in Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I've been teaching swim lessons for 10 yrs and coaching for 2 yrs. The age range is from 1 yr- high school age. I have experience with children of all ages for 5 yrs. I also have worked as a dietician at a children's hospital. I was a competitive swimmer from age 9-20. I went to Penn State for my undergrad and University of Alabama for grad school and earned my Masters degree in Human Nutrition in 2015.

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