Why You Should Always Swim With a Buddy

Why You Should Always Swim With a Buddy

July 30, 2018 is International Day of Friendship, so it’s quite fitting to talk about the importance of using the buddy system when swimming! The buddy system is necessary for beginner swimmers and children, who should never be left alone when swimming or even just near a body of water. It is also important for even the most advanced swimmers, as accidents can always happen. Check out our tips for swimming with a buddy and the main reasons why you should do so:

1. Adults should always be present when children are near water

The best option is swimming in an area with a certified lifeguard, but if you’re swimming in your home or apartment pool, that’s might not be an option. Your next best bet? Designate a water watcher. As one line of defense for drowning prevention, there should always be constant and active supervision when children are near water. Drowning happens very quickly and quietly, but is also 100% preventable.

2. In large groups, use the buddy system

When managing large groups of children (such as at a pool party or summer camp), it may be hard to keep a constant eye on all children. Pairing kids up makes it much easier to stay safe, while also teaching the importance of responsibility. If one swimmer is having a problem, his or her buddy can help to alert a nearby adult or lifeguard.

3. Swim with someone of a similar skill level

For more advanced swimmers, it’s important to swim with someone of a similar skill level. This is to ensure that in the event of an accident, both swimmers would be equally qualified to swim to safety to alert others.

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Swim Alone

1. Drowning can happen in less than 60 seconds and can often go unnoticed if someone is not watching or with you

2. Most drowning deaths occur when swimmer is alone

3. A buddy can call for help or perform CPR in an emergency

4. Even the most advanced swimmers can catch a cramp or get tangled in underwater weeds, making it impossible for them to swim

Make sure to never swim alone, no matter if you’re a novice swimmer or an extremely advanced one. Whether you’re swimming in a pool, ocean or river, accidents can always happen, and it’s much better to be safe than sorry!


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