What are the Best Pool Safety Fences?

What are the Best Pool Safety Fences?

It’s far too common of a story. A parent turns their back for one second, as we all have to do from time to time, and a child runs off and gets to the backyard pool.

We can arm our home with safety alarms that alert when a child gets loose, but that’s no guarantee anyone can get to the child in time. For this reason, pools should be fenced to avoid easy access. In fact, in most places, insurance companies and home inspections require some sort of pool barrier.

If you need a pool safety fence, this guide will help you learn about the different types of swimming pool fences and which is best for your home, then you’ll get to review our recommendations.

Before we begin, it’s vital to remember that no safety fence is childproof, despite any claims. Barriers are necessary though for slowing a child down in that one minute where you turn your back. They are a helpful tool, but they shouldn’t be relied on alone.


Any type of fence can be a suitable pool fence. The point of a pool fence is to provide an obstacle to stop an accidental drowning.

Often, homeowners will choose to install perimeter fences made of resin, wood, chainlink, or even wrought-iron. Basically, they are normal backyard fences, but around a pool. These fences loop around the pool and have a locking gate to prevent access.

However, the majority of fencing requires expenses materials and a professional install. The cost of this may be outside your budget or perhaps an installer can’t be brought out for weeks and you need a solution now. Also, these pool fences may not have closing self-latching gates like the standard mesh pool fencing systems include.

There are numerous reasons a person may decide to go with a DIY install of a pool safety fence. Whatever your reason, your DIY job doesn’t have to be any less safe than a professional one. Below you’ll find a list of the best DIY pool safety fences.

The Best DIY Pool Safety Fences

1. Pool Fence DIY by Lifesaver

As you can judge by the name, this pool fence was made for DIYers. The fence comes in 12’ pieces of mesh that you connect to fit around your own fence.

When making your order from the company website, you can also include a hammer drill and drill bits if you need them for making holes in concrete. The company also sells a drill guide.

Lifesaver has been operating for over 30 years and is all about customer service, which is ideal for a DIY product. They offer over-the-phone install assistance seven days a week!

Before purchasing any kits, be sure to check out the company’s Pool Fence DIY calculator. Through a series of 12 quick questions, the calculator can give you the total costs you can expect for a Lifesaver fence.

Be aware: gates are sold separately so don’t forget to add one to your purchase if you need one. They can purchase an arched or flat-top style. All their gates are self-closing, which you’ll be thankful for.

You can purchase a Lifesaver pool fence from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon.

2. WaterWarden In-Ground Pool Fence

WaterWarden fences are as tough as the “warden” part would imply. They are made with strong mesh screens joined by aluminum poles. These fences have received full UL-certifications for pool fences and mesh fences.

This DIY child safety pool fence is a customizable job. The fence comes in 12’ sections of mesh and two poles to allow you to build the right fence for your pool.

To install the WaterWarden, you will need to drill holes into your pool deck or the surrounding area. The manufacturer recommends using a hammer drill to make ⅝” holes. After this step, install takes only minutes - you only need to slip the poles into the drilled holes.

If for any reason you need the fence to come down, they easily pull right out again. Your WaterWarden kit also includes covers for hiding those holes while the fence is away.

Don’t assume that a removable mesh fence must be flimsy. This fence can survive just about anything and it will stay put, so you can trust this barrier to protect.

You can purchase WaterWarden fences and additional parts from the company’s website and from Amazon.

3. Premium Guard Above Ground Pool Safety Fence

Most pool barriers on the market are intended for inground pools. However, owners of above ground pools still want to fence in their pools for safety as well.

Instead of being on the ground, above ground pool barriers stand at the top of the pool to keep out any unwelcome visitors.

For this Premium Guard fence, you’ll attach the fence to the braces on the side of the pool. The braces are the tubes or posts that keep the pool standing.

This fence is a do-it-yourself kit, so it’s intended to be easy enough for most pool owners to install. It’s time-consuming but saves you the cost of an installation by a professional.

Kit A of this fence series includes 8 fence sections. If those 8 pieces aren’t enough to wrap around your pool, you will have to purchase Kit B or Kit C.

Once everything is installed, it’s ridiculously easy to keep clean. It’s made of UV-resistant and rust-resistant PVC resin that can be quickly hosed off when it’s getting grimy.

By the way, you’ll most likely want a gate in this fence, or you’ll have a hard time accessing your above ground pool. The compatible pool gate can be found here. It can accommodate your existing ladder.

Final Thoughts

Installing a swimming pool safety fence around your backyard pool may be one of the smartest things you’ll ever do for your family. It offers you some peace of mind while keeping your little ones safe and out of the water.

Of course, a fence is not childproof, like was mentioned in the beginning. The fence should always be a last-resort level of protection. Your first line of defense includes door alarms, swim classes, and never leaving children unsupervised with access to the pool.

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