5 Best Swimming Pool Accessories

5 Best Swimming Pool Accessories

We all know pool accessories are half of the fun in swimming, especially if you have your own backyard pool. In recent years, pool accessories have really evolved past plain inflatable rafts and simple diving sticks.

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional, you have got to love how the pool industry has stepped up its game. With these awesome pool accessories, your backyard will be the hottest hangout spot.

Avocado Pool Float by Jasonwell

There are a lot of pool floats on the market. Since Instagram influencers made pool floats hot ticket items, companies have been churning them out in all shapes and sizes. Birds like swans and flamingos are the most common it seems, but foods like donuts and pizza slices are incredibly popular as well.

Social media stars don’t need these pool floats to perform any function except looking cool, but you’re probably looking for something a bit more useful. You can be trendy and functional with this fun avocado pool float.

This avocado float is 65” by 49” when fully inflated, so make sure you have room for this large inflatable. The green of the avocado makes a cozy pool float that can accommodate both adults and children.

Meanwhile, the seed of the avocado is actually a brown inflatable beach ball, ready for an impromptu game of volleyball.

This Jasonwell pool float is a winner because it is made for lounging and for play. Plus, it just looks so cool!

Cowin Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

What’s a pool party with some music? It’s a damper on such an event when you’re stuck relying on being able to hear your phone speaker blasting your Spotify playlist. After all, your phone is a safe distance away from the pool, but now you can’t actually hear anything.

Listening to music in a pool is easier when the speaker is actually in the pool too. This Cowin loudspeaker delivers big sound in a little package.

You’ll love just how easy it is to connect the speaker to your phone’s Bluetooth. You’ll probably be surprised at how loud and clear the sound is for such a little speaker.

The Cowin Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof. It really can just float alongside you in the pool. It also beats the competition - it can go 2 times deeper underwater than most pool speakers.

Once the sun goes down, the party continues with the large LED light on this speaker. It has 5 different color modes made for your own private light show.

When you’re done swimming, be sure to charge the speaker’s battery. It won’t take long and it will soon be ready for the next pool party.

Intex Feed The Sharks Inflatable Game

Sharks are everywhere, aren’t they? They’re on t-shirts and swimsuits and even YouTube. In fact, there’s a good chance you have the Baby Shark song stuck in your head now.

Capitalize on the scary swimmer’s popularity with this awesome pool game. Feed the Sharks is a toss disk game with three shark hoops. Each shark is a different size and worth different points. The smaller the shark, the bigger the points.

To “feed” these sharks, your kids will throw inflatable disks through the air and into the shark’s open jaws. From there, the rules are really up to the imagination. Maybe the first to 300 points wins or the first person to not miss a single throw.

When it’s not pool time, this inflatable game lifts easily out of the water to transform into a lawn game. It’s recommended for ages 6 and up, but you’ll have just as much fun as the kids.

Swimways Poolside Basketball Hoop

Swimming is a great form of physical exercise and can be a real calorie burner. It’s also a great way to tire out your kids so they go to bed without a fight!

Want them to burn a little more of that energy? Why not give your kids a poolside basketball hoop?

Your son or daughter might love to play basketball but in the summer, it’s often too hot to enjoy playing. It’s not too hot for a game of basketball in a pool though. Not to mention, it’s a great game to play when your kids have a bunch of friends over to swim.

This basketball hoop is intended for use with in-ground pools, as it sits on the pool’s deck. If you have an aboveground pool, you have options too! ThisIntex basketball hoop can float in any aboveground pool and make it game time ready!

Coral Coast Berea Wicker Float Storage

Now that you’ve been persuaded to buy new pool accessories for the best summer ever, you’re going to have to store them somewhere. Also, I’m sure you already have an existing collection of pool accessories that these new items are going to pile on to.

If your current pool storage solution is an unorganized pile over by the fence, you need a better idea and that better idea is the Coral Coast Berea wicker float storage.

This pool storage bin is designed specifically for keeping those pool accessories neat and tidy. This wheeled cart has a basket for smaller pool accessories and toys, along with a large rack for holding those giant novelty pool floats.

There’s no lid or covering, which is ideal. This way, everything on the cart gets to dry out properly.

It’s also built to last. The resin wicker surrounds a super-strong steel frame. Oh, and that resin wicker? It’s made to withstand fading in the sun so you don’t have to lose that beautiful finish.

The link provided above takes you to a Walmart listing. However, many retailers do carry this pool storage solution, so you can always shop around!

Final Thoughts

Make this summer the best one yet by adding these fun pool accessories to your backyard pool! You’ll be floating on your avocado, listening to some tunes, while the kids play a couple of rounds of basketball or even Feed the Sharks. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect day?

Be sure to keep your pool time fun and safe; ensure that everyone in your household can swim! At Sunsational Swim School, we bring the swim school to YOUR pool and service over 40 metro areas throughout the USA.Click here to see if we have a swimming instructor near you!

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