The Best Kickboards for Kids

The Best Kickboards for Kids

This is a great question, with so many different types and brands of kids kickboards - it can be very confusing to know which swim kickboard is best. To begin, it is absolutely true that there are more and less beneficial kickboards for the age and ability of the swimmer. The lifespan of a great swimming kickboard, may last a person 3-4 times longer before needing to be replaced, when compared with another. This brief article will help guide you to pick which one may be best for your child.

Note: I am speaking from my own professional experience and am not intending to speak for all coaches. Included with each age group is a recommended type of board and rationale. A kickboard is not a lifesaving device. It needs to be learned how to be used safely with a certified and qualified swim coach.

Kickboards for Toddlers & Preschoolers Ages 2-5

With this preschool age range, our primary concern should be introducing swimmers to what a kick board is and how to use it safely. This will help them develop their ability to learn the ‘kick’ in order to propel themselves forward in the water. It will help them become comfortable to stretch out flat on the surface of the water without fear. Therefore, purchasing a small and soft (or very soft) board is ideal because it will provide optimal safety and introduction to the kickboard. Typically this is referred to as a “Lightweight Foam” or “EVA foam” kickboard. Here is the “Junior Kickboard” by TYR.

- Ages 6-8

- Ages 9-13

- Adult Kickboards Ages 13+

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