Water Park Safety Tips for Kids

Water Park Safety Tips for Kids

The Sun is Out, The Weather is Warm!!! No more cold, unpredictable weather. Parents, you know what that means?… It’s SUMMER, meaning lots of upcoming water park and beach days. I know, there are two possible scenarios running through your head right now: 1. My family and I could have a great day or 2. This could be a complete nightmare.

Don’t Worry, by the end of this article, I guarantee you will be able experience the first scenario and be as close to an expert on being a Water Park Safety Expert.

While I am no parent, I can imagine taking kids to the water park can be the most exciting, heart-racing, nerve wracking time of your life. From the preparing, the driving, the walking, to the eating, the activities and finally heading back home. The tantrum here, the screaming there, everyone wants their kids to have fun, but also to be safe at the same time, without being a nag the entire day.

So I outlined some tips and tricks on "How to keep safe" for A DAY AT A WATER PARK.


Did I mention plan?

For me personally, I am a planner. I just like the idea of being in control of my day. Now that does not necessarily mean that I will accomplish everything, but at least I made a list of things I would like to accomplish and hope everything goes well from there.

Don’t know where to start? Well, take some time to envision what a perfect water park day would look like and start from there. Seeing the big picture is the one of the first steps towards a successful day.

Planning where, what time, how far, a week or two before, will allow you to figure out the necessary items for the trip. Make a list of ALL ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE DAY. Examples of a few items include: snack, food, water, books, goggles,sunscreen, first aid kits, life jackets for the kids, extra water, hats, towels, clothing, etc.

Once seeing all or most items that you need for the day, you will be able to determine what is in the house that needs to be packed from what needs to be purchased.

Talk to Your Kids

A few days before, discuss with the kids (not too early in advance) what activity are we doing. Discussing the plans well in advance will maybe bring a sense of over excitement for the day to come and allow planning to be not as smooth.

Let them know, “Hey guys, on Saturday we will be going to the water park, so tomorrow I need you to help me find your bathing suit, swim cap, sunscreen and life-vest, okay?”

This helps them to prepare for the day, and helps you, parents, in the process.

Most Important- Rules

Discuss rules for the day. A fun way to incorporate this is to allow your child to make a fun list of their own as well.

For example, discussing that there should be no running. The Child's List should say "no running" or a picture of them not running.

This is just so that they understand that for us all to have fun, we need to be safe as well. To ensure they actually do the list- “If everyone completes their list, we will buy you something special for the day.”

Second Most Important- Safety

What to do if there is an emergency or someone is hurt? Panic, no… Implement a safety word of the day.

For example, “A Doctor makes you feel better, so anytime you are hurt or in danger scream “DOCTOR” as loud as you can.”Remind your child what that word means, when to use it and never to use it when not needed.

For parents, I believe it is a great idea beforehand to get a well-equipped first aid kit, and watch a few water safety videos before the trip.

Hydrate and apply waterproof Sunscreen as often as possible!!

At the pool we think of common injuries such as drowning and falling by the pool deck. What about heat exhaustion and sunburn? Did you know these are common forms of “water day injury” as well?

We are so busy having fun with the family, we forget to stay hydrated and re-apply the sunscreen. The last thing we want to happen is an uncomfortable sunburn or someone fainting from being dehydrated.

This is why I believe water and sunscreen are other essentials in KEEPING EVERYONE SAFE FOR A DAY AT THE WATER PARK.

Do your kids need to learn how to swim? Hire a Sunsational Swim Instructor to come to your home or community pool today and get ready for a fun and safe day at the water park!

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Hi, my name is Kristen, currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Biology at FAU. I've been teaching swim lessons for 6 years to infants through adults ranging from beginner to advanced swim levels. I've worked with children for 3 years as a lifeguard at a camp and while volunteering at an aftercare program. As drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death, I would love to share my passion of swimming to lower that rate while helping to teach and/or improve the skill of swimming.

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