How to do Flutter Kicks in Swimming

How to do Flutter Kicks in Swimming

The flutter kick is a kicking movement used in both swimming and exercise. Nonetheless, the flutter kick is commonly used in different strokes, like freestyle or backstroke. The flutter kick is not only meant to drive a swimmer forward, but it is also to keep the legs up and help the assist and stabilize the upper body and body rotations for the arms. Simply, all you have to do is move your legs up and down (one leg kicking downwards while the other leg moves upwards). The flutter kick is a basic skill in swimming the front crawl.

Learn how to do the flutter kick correctly with these couple of steps.

Step 1: Try the flutter kick in a stationary position.

Step 2: Begin moving one leg up and down.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with the opposite leg.

Step 4: Now try alternating legs to kick.

Step 5: Start slowly letting go of the pool wall or edge.

Step 6: Try moving in the water by practicing the flutter kick with a kickboard.

Step 7: Try to flutter kick without any water equipment.

With those seven steps, you should be able to begin the flutter kick. Once you have gotten the kick, then you can begin to add your arms for more of a challenge.

There are ways to improve the flutter kick through incorporating different types of techniques. For example, improving ankle strength can improve your flutter kick. Improving ankle strength is done out of the water, such as incorporating skipping or jump roping to develop strength in one’s ankles. Ankle strength will allow for more stabilization during a flutter kick. Learning to balance out your flutter kick will also improve the kick. All you have to do is be more attentive to the upward part of the kick, and this can be practiced by incorporating vertical kicking. Another technique to incorporate in order to improve flutter kicks, is to kick the water backwards, not just downwards. In order to do this, you have to have flexible ankles. There are ways to improve ankle flexibility, which will catch more water and allow you to push more water backwards. Two great exercises for flexible ankles include ankle rockers and ankle rotations. Finally, kick mindfully and practice your flutter kick. In doing so, you will be able to flutter kick better and, ultimately, be able to swim faster.

Continue trying to find new ways to challenge yourself and ways to flutter kick. This includes adding arms, trying new swimming strokes, and continuing to practice. For example, try using your flutter kick in a freestyle stroke. The flutter kick is simultaneously used with a windmill motion of the arms. In a backstroke, the flutter kick is similar except you position yourself face-up (in a back float) while being horizontal. In this stroke, you will alternate arms in a windmill motion, similar to a freestyle stroke. Using a kickboard is also an ideal drill to continue practicing your flutter kicks.

Overall, these are ways to execute the flutter kicks and be able to swim efficiently and to lay the foundation for other swimming strokes. Having a flutter kick that is exceptional will help you become a better swimmer. The techniques and drills that I mentioned will not only improve your flutter kicks and your swimming overall, but it also adds speed, strength, and balance to your whole body while swimming.

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