Swimming Techniques - Breathe Deep!

Swimming Techniques - Breathe Deep!

One important lesson to practice prior to beginning in-water training, is to exercise outer-water training. Preparation of breathing techniques should be key to swimming many laps in the water. All swimmers should make a habit of interval breathing. Breathing techniques should be trained and perfected before starting your swimming session.

Get Relaxed

Swimmers should always be calm and stress free before beginning their sessions. Being relaxed will also make swimming sessions last longer and be much more enjoyable. This concept works for beginners, who may fear the water, or expert swimmers who may allow stress to interfere with their swimming session. Of course swimming, as exercise, works wonders to alleviate stress and tension.


Swimmers should start by taking very deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling while timing themselves. This timing should be mimicked while in the water. Swimmers could make a habit of inhaling and exhaling while timing themselves, where soon enough their breathing techniques will automatically adjust as they take each swimming stroke.

The most important factor is to not be stressed or anxious of the water. Stay relaxed and practice your breathing techniques to help stay calm and focused. These breathing techniques will aid in swimmers’ form and lead to a much better swimming session. Remember, breathe deep and dive in!

About the author: Michele

Michele is a Sunsational Swim Instructor from Manhattan, New York.
Michele has a collection of home movies of her running towards crashing waves at the early age of 2. It’s no wonder she has a love for the water. Michele has been professionally swimming, coaching, and teaching lessons for 10 years now. Her patience and professionalism is exceptional, especially with first timers – soon enough, rough waters will turn into calm seas. She also teaches avid swimmers who might need special coaching to enhance their natural abilities. Swim on by with her sometime, the water is fine!

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